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At 10:59am on November 22, 2011, Mathilde Lefrançois said…

Bonjour !

Je m'appelle Mathilde Lefrançois et j'ai 15ans. J'habite un recoin perdu de la Normandie (nord ouest de la France) : le Pays de Bray =P

Je vais au lycée de Neufchâtel-en-Bray où je suis en classe de seconde. J'apprécie le lycée parce qu'on y rencontre des gens différents.

Mes loisirs sont variés. Je joue au tennis-de-table en club et fais du théâtre au lycée. J'écoute principalement du rock (surtout du métal) ou des styles de musiques indépendantes. Par ailleurs j'aime lire, écrire, aller au cinéma. Un de mes films préférés est My Blueberry Nights de Kar-Wai Wong. Pendant les vacances je pars souvent faire de la randonnée avec ma famille.

Plus tard j'aimerais devenir professeur à l'Université.

At 11:32am on November 24, 2011, Karen Christina Castro said…
haha j'aime parler avec toi aussi, et j'aime aussie le rock! quelle artistes est-ce que tu ecoutes?
At 11:57am on November 24, 2011, Karen Christina Castro said…
I love Linkin park and I like nirvana, Have you herd of metallica or p!nk? I love florence and the machine, elle chantes très jolie, shes a very unique artiste, do you sing or play an instrument?
At 8:50am on November 26, 2011, Mathilde Lefrançois said…

Yes my father has Metallica's cds and I like it ! I don't very like Pink. Florence + the machine's singer has a great voice. No, I don't play some intrument. I sang last year in school but not out. I sing a bit for my pleasure. And you, do you play an instrument ?

At 2:04pm on November 29, 2011, Karen Christina Castro said…
yes, i've played the viola for 4 years and I've been in choir for 2 years. Your interest in music is very fascinating, maybe on ur profile page you could post weblinks of your favorite songs?:)
At 5:44am on December 23, 2011, Mathilde Lefrançois said…

       Before Christmas, French decorate their garden with fairy lights or characters of Christmas (snowmen, reindeers). In house, we hang Christmas garlands, stars or little characters. In December, we buy the Christmas tree, and decorate him. On the top of the tree, we put a crest as an angel, a star or a fir. On the 1st December begins the Advent. Little kids get an advent calendar. Each day, a window, in which are little surprises like chocolates, is opened.

    Christmas is a family’s fair. So, many people invite their parents, their grand parents, their children and, often, their cousins, their uncles, their aunts too.

       There are two main times during Christmas: the gifts’ opening and the meal. Each family celebrates differently this fête. Traditionally, we have a diner on the 24th December, and at midnight, the Father Christmas and the gifts arriving*, the gifts’ opening starts. Gifts are shaken under the Christmas tree, sometimes put next to a shoe from each person. The youngest is allowed to open its gifts the first, then, everyone can do the same.

       Before that, the family have Christmas diner. We always have a drink before the meal with petit fours. Then, arrive one or several starters. Foie gras, seafood or smoked salmon are typical of Christmas. Then, there is the main course. We eat fish, turkey or capon, stuffed rabbit. In short, choices for the Christmas course are various. Then, there are dish of cheese and salad. At last, the dessert can be a Yule log, a pie or other cake.

*In France, kids believe in Father Christmas until six, seven or eight.

At 4:43am on December 27, 2011, Ingrid RICHARD said…

Very good work! Happy new year to you and your family!


At 9:45am on December 31, 2011, Mathilde Lefrançois said…

Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, too.

At 8:01pm on February 23, 2012, Aurelia McMahon said…
Hello! :)

It's very nice to meet someone else who likes Florence on here. What are your favorite songs by the group? And have you heard their newest album yet - Ceremonials? I love this band, je pense qu'ils sont geniale!

You like GaGa as well? Awesome! What are tour favorite song by her? And what did you think of her newest album, "Born This Way"? I loved the album - despite it being not too popular. (J'ai vu GaGa en concert, cetait encoryable!)

You've heard of Epica? Cool! They have to be my favorite metal band. I believe that they are from the Netherlands, but - ils chante en Anglais. Their lead singer - Simone - has a beautiful voice. It's so gorgeous and sweet... It really adds to the beauty of their songs. You check out some of their music if you haven't heard of them yet :)

Oh I agree - I love when bands add strings and opera like vocals to their music - makes it even more beautiful. (That's really what Epica's style is - they have their form of metal in their music, but Simone's opera like singing is amazing!)

I prefer rock/metal more than punk: I think metal has a more distinct style and I think it has more depth than punk. Who are your favorite bands? You already know one of mine, (Epica) but I also enjoy; Within Temptation and Xandria :)

I liked the Eragon series as well - have you read the "Harry Potter" series, yet? (C'est fantastique!) You've seen films by Miyazaki as well! Super cool! Which are your favorite? :)
At 4:53pm on February 24, 2012, Mathilde Lefrançois said…

Hi !

Nobody in my friends knew Florence + the machine before I told them. I have "Lungs". I'm disappointed by the last album. I believe it's Ceremonials. Really, it's a very good band !

I didn't like Lady Gaga but, one day, I listened Born this way and my point of view turned. I like more texts than the music. I think many people like it but don't understand the lyrics, it's too bad !

I find that Epica's music is harmonious, it's a special -but great- mix : most of hardrocker have a deep voice like Machinehead, here, it's different. I'll continue to listen it.

My favorite hardrock bands are Nirvana and Linkin park. And in punk, I listen especially French bands. They aren't famous outside France. According to me, it's important to listen French music and not always songs in English.

Harry Potter... My favorite character is Mr Snape (the teacher who was in school with the Harry's parents and hates him).

My best Miyazaki's film is Mononoke Hime and you?

At 6:21am on February 25, 2012, Mathilde Lefrançois said…

I notice that I didin't read the whole of your introduction! That's totally me and I'm sorry.

I like Doctor Who, too, and I read that Princess Mononoke is also your favorite film of Myazaki.

You would like to be an author, do you write ?

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