2012 Columbus International - Lycée Brassens de Neufchâtel-en-Bray


2012 Columbus International - Lycée Brassens de Neufchâtel-en-Bray

Hi students ! Here the brand new 2012 group I created for you. Please join it as soon as possible. I'm going to close the other group very soon.

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Comment by Anaïs Vallois on December 20, 2011 at 7:15am

In France, Christmas is a wonderful celebration and Christmas holidays are very expected by children and every people. The first of December, we start a "Calendrier de l'Avent" and we continue it until the 24th of December. During this month, families decorate a Christmas tree and the house. Children make a list of presents that they wish have and the letter is sent to Santa Claus (who is called "Père Noël" en France). There are markets of Christmas ("marché de Noël") in every town and many lights outside.
Christmas Eve (24th of December), in France, is called "Le Réveillon de Noël". This is a family dinner. For the starter of the dinner, we eat salmon, "foie gras", "huîtres" and snail. After, we eat a turkey and for the dessert, we eat the traditional "bûche de Noël". Adults drink champagne and children drink orange juice or others fruit juices. At the end of the dinner, we put our slippers under the Christmas tree.

In the 25th of December, in the morning, everybody discover their presents !

How do you spend Christmas, in America ?

Merry Christmas !

Comment by Lapersonne Pauline on December 21, 2011 at 4:00am

Before Christmas children start a “calendrier de l’Avent” for wait Santa Claus. The houses are decorated with many lights inside as the outside. We eat for example: roast turkey, salmons, “foie gras”, grilled chestnuts, seafoods, snails, “galantine”, and traditional buche … During this evening we wait, Santa Claus. Many family, put socks or slippers below the fir tree. During, the night Santa Claus come for put gifts below the fir tree, and in the morning the family discover the gifts.


Comment by Baltresca Mélanie on December 21, 2011 at 12:57pm

Christmas is a moment eagerly awaited in France by children and adults. It's a moment magic where we meet with all family.

The house are decorate outside with garland of light as well as villages where the night each children are fill with wonder by colors, the light. Inside, every house has got a christmas tree.

Children write a letter to Santa Claus to say what they would like to have in Christmas then send it by post.

Children start a "calendrier de l’Avent" for wait Santa Claus who start the first of December and finished the 24th December.

We begin has to celebrate Christmas on the 24th of december. Before to go to the bed, every child put his shoe under the christmas tree. On the table, we put a glass of milk and biscuit for Santa Claus. In the morning, children and parents see a lot of present under their shoes always accompany chocolates and clementines.

We eat full of things but there is the famous "fois gras", "saumon fumé" and above all the "bûche de noël".

Merry Christmas everybody and happy holidays !

Comment by Quentin LEBORGNE on December 22, 2011 at 4:29am


In france,Christmas is a moment where we meet the family.

Before chritmas the chidren wait Christmas by eating chocholate of the Advent calendar. We decorate the house and the christmas tree with guirlands balls ,stars, light and candle.

The 24th we clelebrate christmas with a  good dinner.We eat toast of salmon and''foie gras'',turkey, and ''buche'' of christmas...

The children go to bed so the Santa claus distribute presents and toys for the childrens during the night.The children find the presents under the christmas tree.

The 25th ,the next day,we celebrate christmas with the all family with a meal.

After the feast it's necessary to practiting sport for eliminate the calories!!!!

Joyeux noël or Merry Christmas!!!! =)

Comment by Laisné Esther on December 22, 2011 at 9:35am

Hi!! In France, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. Families decorate them house with guirland's, christmas ball's, lights and the Christmas tree. There are socks on the chimney. Some houses are decorated outside with lights. In the meal of Christmas, there are "champagne", "foie gras", potatoes, salmons, turkez, potatoes and for the dessert christmas "buche". The tradition wants that the Christmas father passes at night and on the 25th the children can opans their presents! This is a big feast where people have fun, eat and dance!  And normally there is snow !! And you, how do you celebrate Christmas?

Comment by Lequet Paul on December 23, 2011 at 4:02am

Hello i'm going to talk you about the way we celebrate christmas in France.
First we sent a letter to the "père noël"(Santa claus), we decorate our house and our christmas tree with lights and christmas bowls.
The christmas eve is the 24 of december, at this day we use to eat a copious traditional diner, composed of " foie gras ", "huitres" and " buche glacée".
In France we deposed slipers on the firebox because the " père noël" arrived by the firebox for bringing gifts.
Parents decide if their childrens opened their gifts at 0:00am or if the childrens sleep and wait for tomorrow to discover the presents.
Then childrens play with their toys during the last days of holiday.
And you how do you celebrate christmas in America ?

Best wishes and Merry christmas.
Bye :)

Comment by Camille Outrebon on December 23, 2011 at 1:47pm

On the 25th of December,it is Christmas in France .This day is mainly expected by children because they receive many presents.Children are waiting from the first of December to the 24th December with a calender named "le calendrier de l'Avent".There are traditionally chocolates ,one chocolate for one day.

During December ,People decorate their house with many decorations.Inside, there is a Christmas tree which is decorated with garlands and balls ,at the top of the Christmas tree there is a star.And there is a crib too .Outside there are lights.

On the 24th of December ,in the evening, it is Christmas Eve where there is a meal with oyter,scallop,turkey and Yule log .

Then ,People put their shoes under the Christmas tree.

And on the 25th,in the morning the children open their presents which are under the Christmas tree.

After,there is a meal with the family.

And you in America , how do you celebrate Christmas ?

Merry Christmas ! :)


Comment by Elise Dehédin on December 24, 2011 at 3:49am

In France, Christmas celebrates on 25th December, generally with the family. Christmas is celebrated in all the families. There is no typical meal for the day of Christmas we eat of turkey, salmon, grapes, strawberries... However the desert is the same for everybody: the bûche. In all the houses there is always a Christmas tree, it is decorated with garlands, they can be electric and bowls, cards…The decorations can be several colors (red, white, blue, gilt, silver) We put slippers in front of the Christmas tree and  the house is too decorated. During the night between the 24th December (“Le Réveillon de l’an”) and the 25th December (The day of Christmas), the children go to their beds, so during the night the Santa Claus distributes their presents !

In certain families, somebody plays the role of the Santa Claus, or then there isn’t Santa Claus, like in my family, so the magic of Christmas remains intact.

And you, how do you celebrate Christmas in America ?

Merry Christmas !  


Comment by Fourcin Nicolas on December 24, 2011 at 6:58am

Salut , je m'appelle Nicolas Fourcin , j'ai 15 ans , je suis né le 14 Décembre 1996 a Mont-Saint-Aignan.
J'habite a Massy un petit village paumée dans le Pays-de-Bray
J'ai un frère de 11 ans qui s'appelle Thomas et une soeur de 17ans qui s'appelle Carine
J'aime joué aux jeux vidéos , jouer au tennis et lire des mangas japonnais
Chez moi comme j'habite dans une ferme j'ai une multitude d 'animaux comme des vaches ou des poules j'ai aussi deux chiens Elliot et Vic.
Plus tard je voudrais devenir professeur de mathématique car j'aime les matières scientifique.
Je suis plutôt fort en math , en sport et en Chimie .

Je supporte l'équipe du PSG ( paris saint germain ) au football .

Voila j'espère que maintenant vous me connaissez mieux A+

Comment by Fourcin Nicolas on December 24, 2011 at 7:34am

In France, Christmas celebrates on 25th December,  with the family. Christmas ,  eat salmon , a log etc . The principal colors of Christmas are the red and the white . In all the houses there are a Christmas tree, it is decorated with garlands and bowls and deposed slippers front of a Christmas tree.In the night of December 24th, the Santa Claus distributed presents. The next day , we opened our presents with enjoyment because Christmas is celebrated once in the year. And you how do celebrate Chrismas at home in America ?

Merry Christmas and happy holidays !!!!!


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