Reply below with guidelines, advice, rules, etc. that help you or your students be good digital citizens.  Your feedback will create a Wordle that will be added on the DigiFoot12 Wiki.

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Always presume positive intentions

Walk away if you feel insulted

I demonstrate good digital citizenship by displaying my interactions with my PLN members through Twitter, Skype IM, blog comments, and discussion boards right in front of my students on our interactive whiteboard. They get to see how I interact with others using social media in ways that are positive and lead to our collaboration. I Google myself and let my students see my extensive and very positive digital footprint. 

Together we discuss the language that is appropriate in the various social media sites we use. We generate a list of rules and set up consequences if the rules are broken. Their online safety is my greatest concern, so I only use sites where they are under my teacher dashboard so that I can monitor everything before it goes "live". After all they are only nine and ten years old. 

Thanks for getting us off to a great start Paula!

THINK before you post!

Definitely...great thing to do!

Know your audience and be aware of the tone and words that you use.

I demonstrate good digital citizenship by having a facebook account as my High School LIbrarian and I explain to my students that I only accept as friends, the students who I can document or know are definitely current or recently graduated students and faculty.  And if a student uses inappropriate language, I send them a message and tell them they need to clean it up or I will 'remove' them as a friend. 

   For HS graduation, I videotape and another staff member edits and arranges for our Graduation Ceremony with Title, etc. to be broadcast over our Public CABLE's education channel.  So I post to our students what times they can view or record their graduation video, created by the school at home for free.


    I share positive news via the facebook page.

     Some years, I have been able to have a digital camera and in addition to videotaping, I have been able to click a picture of each graduate just after they have received their diploma as they come across the front of the area.  I have had students post a "Thank you" to me for this saying it was the only graduation picture they had of their graduation.  I have done this 4 years and had only positive comments.



Our Young Adult Literature Teacher has her student post reviews to GOOD READS of the YA Novels they read and have students in class post discussions and comments.

I shared LINO-IT with our GERMAN AMERICAN PARTNERSHIP staff and helped them create a LINO-IT BULLETIN BOARD and they used it to have their 12 students who went to GERMANY for two weeks, post their activities, class attendance in Germany and trips around Germany to inform their parents and their German World Language classmates here at home of their positive cultural experiences.

I also used LINO-IT to set up an online BULLETIN BOARD to post progress or notices for teachers, to post a link to an online form to request VIDEOTAPING OFF CABLE (with Copyright information guidelines) and a form for AUDIOVISUAL EQUIPMENT REQUEST.

I use an outlook calendar, with email, to post and coordinate any LIBRARY RESERVATION and COMPUTER RESERVATIONS in the Library areas, with color coding for each area.  Then the calendar is shared with the entire H.S. Staff so they can view from their classroom if the Library is available on short notice.

I have a template in my School Library Wikispace Page that I encourage students and teachers to REQUEST or RECOMMEND Library Book Purchases of Authors and/or Titles.  I encourage them to submit their name and why they are recommending it.  I tell them if they include their email, we will email them when the book is available in the School Library.  This gives me an excel list of book requests to develop or add to the Library Collection.  And it allows me to serve students interests without them having to ask in front of other students.

Wow - I'm impressed by your library wiki page at Rockville HS. Liked Book Request feature. Nice job.


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