Who has used evernote or livebinder?

I have used blogger and wordpress and thought I would try something different.

Choice?  Why?

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Hi Maureen,

That is a great question. I have just started using both of them. Why don't you tweet it as well? We used LiveBinder for a "project" this term in a psychology 11 class to ensure that we could see all the student's notes and so we could see "progress". We were having a lot of problems with plagiarism.

I didn't really consider Evernote as "public" as I use it mostly more organization/notes - like google.docs

Sorry - I'm not a lot of help. I'll see what I can dig up?

Verena :)

Hi Maureen

I use Livebinders I love it as a bookmarking tool also as a file and website cloud storage.

I can access it anywhere and as a visual leaner the design suits me. I like that I can find information about anything in an instant. You can share a binder to the public or just with one colleague. You can keep it all private.

There is so much more to live binders .

Check out the links after you have signed up Have fun exploring


Junita Lyon





I'm flipping a coin between those as well, Maureen. The choice may depend on your personal goals.

I love the neat, intuitive organization of LiveBinder, which is quite handy for curating and sharing collections of resources (beware, though, that if overpacked with tabs, LiveBinder can become a confusing jumble).

Evernote gets tons of praise from users for its many features that enhance personal productivity and promote a paperless office/classroom.  

I've never used Livebinder, Maureen, so can't speak to that. But I use Evernote a lot and like it a great deal. I don't think of it as a platform for sharing -- I used it to organize lots of materials for my own use -- but I'm especially fond of two things about it. First, I have a small Fujitsu scanner, and I've got it configured to so that anything I scan (most often hand-written notes) is routed directly into Evernote for tagging -- and Evernote does OCR on the hand-written text so that I can find the contents later in a search. Second, I've been using IFTTT (If This, Then That) to automatically route anything I Tweet with a particular hashtag (in this case, the one for a class I teach: #ETE567CSU) to Evernote. Twitter is weak in the area of archiving, and that way I automatically file a copy of all my class Tweets in searchable form as I make them. Increasingly I take notes directly into Evernote at conferences and such, and since all this is in the cloud it's then available to me on any of my devices.

William, I love hearing how you use Evernote. I, also, use Evernote for bookmarking and personal productivity. But, I would not have thought about using how you are and I like the idea of IFTTT to route your hashtags. Thank you for the tips.

Good morning Maureen,

I have used Livebinders and like the ability to use dividers/tabs to organize your information.  The binder concept with dividers/tabs works well for projects such as the one we're about to undertake.  You have the option to make your binder public or private.  A lot of binders are shared, so you can find just about anything you're looking for.  It really is a wonderful tool.


I have used Evernote for over a year and really prefer it to other programs. The learning curve was easy. We purchased an account for all administrators and use shared notebooks for agendas, weekly update memos, e-rate info etc. Many of our principals created a template for walk-throughs and use it as an easy way to evaluate teachers. I also purchased an app for my iPad called Bamboo Paper. I am able to hand write notes and send to evernote...paperless! One other way I use Evernote is when reading articles online such as in Zite. When I find an article I want to share with staff I can send it directly to Evernote. This makes it easy when I get ready to send out a weekly note to tech staff...all my notes and ideas are in right there.

I love the cloud! Having access to my files on whichever device, wherever I am at the time.

That sounds like a brilliant "next step" to take, with the use across the board... great ideas... thanks :)

I have used Evernote and I like it, simple to use. I am trying Livebinder for this experience. Something new for me, I have used blogger and Wordpress as well. . 

Thanks for asking this question Maureen, and thanks to everyone who replied so far with such helpful insights. I've never used either, but based on the responses, I'm going to try LiveBinder for this project, and Evernote for my own collections. It would be great to keep this thread open or start another for people to report on their experiences using various tools for their project.

I love Evernote. So great for the mobile devices. Haven't used LiveBinder but have heard great things about it.

I love Evernote.... have used it since early 2009 and it is the first thing I put on any new device.... I am someone who has to "write" and take notes at conferences etc....and I have books full of stuff from great conferences I have never looked at again... now with Evernote, I just search a keyword, and that quote or website or conference presentation is at my fingertips. I have not explored Livebinder so much, have used it when I have been referred to stuff on there.... but it is on my todo list, interesting to read others comments on it too... as I didn't realise it did bookmarking too... I use DIIGO and Delicious...

so many tools... I think  I have to explore them... and then share wisely, as many people get overwhelmed by the many choices, and prefer to just have one option...I like trying out everything :) at least once... hehehe


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