Hi Steve - I saw the e-mail that just went out that not all session will have a moderator. I was wondering how we will sign in as moderators just in case we don't have a moderator there to bump us up when it is our turn to present? Will we get a link?

I have been trying to gauge if I will have the extra time to volunteer to moderate. It is 18-hour days 7-days a week insanely busy for me right now with VHSG gearing up for a new school year and a really intensive course build schedule to boot. I am feeling a little behind the eight ball. If I can get ahead during the week I might get some time free for helping on Saturday, though. At this point in the week I am behind. I will do my best to get ahead by the weekend, though, so I could volunteer.


Tammy Moore

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I know it will be hard for you to help out, and I totally understand!

Volunteers and moderators will get special links tomorrow for the session rooms.  They will be full-moderator-permission links.  :)


Tammy, The login link that Steve provides for moderators and presenters is a moderator link. Don't use the link on the main calendar, and we always have to be really careful not to tweet out the moderator link. :-) We can also get the moderator link for each session in the Volunteer Lounge where we get our final assignments for each session throughout the conference. Sometimes we may be needed somewhere other than where we volunteered for so it's good if we can keep the the Lounge/Assignment Room open in a separate window if we are signing up to co-moderate sessions.


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