Greetings presenters and future presenters.

I'd like to find information and examples of a conference presentation. I'm seriously considering being part of the conference and submitting a proposal that would allow me to share my experience as a long-time homeschooling parent. 

I welcome all suggestions. 



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Try looking at the Classroom 2.0 Live! session archives. There are a few years worth of presentations that can give you a feel for what the presentation environment is like and some typical presentations. The archives start at, but you can look through pages and pages of them. If you want some practice time in a Blackboard Collaborate classroom, feel free to drop in to ours during open office hours. You can get to it at Just click on the Open Office Hours graphic in the left sidebar. The hours are listed on the graphic too.

Hi Diana,

A good way to do it is just to organize your thoughts in Powerpoint, with a slide for each idea. Then when you're done, read it out loud and see if it makes sense. If not, Powerpoint allows you to drag slides around, insert and copy, etc. If you haven't done presentations in person before, definitely do practice - maybe your kids would be willing to offer comments, or if you have a homeschool group you could practice in front of them first. I am giving two presentations at an upcoming conference and have put the Powerpoints online as PDFs for the attendees. Feel free to take a look:

By the way, Google offers free presentation software that would theoretically work the same way, but I have never used them in conjunction with Blackboard, so I can't tell you whether they would work.


Based on your great experiences, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  YSW


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