To add slides to Blackboard Collaborate, do they have to be in Powerpoint format?  Does anyone have a good link for what you can do in Collaborate in regards to slides?  I plan to attend one of the trainings, but I'd like to get my slides in order.


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I build all of my slides either inside of Collaborate itself or I bring in screenshots from Captivate if it is a course that I am also building an at your own pace version for. I had a series of recordings on how to use Collaborate to build your slides that we did using the old LearnCentral room, but the Blackboard server has been re-purposed and they are all gone now.

It isn't hard though. You can drag and drop images from your computer to the whiteboard. There are tools for adding text and shapes. USe the top tool in the tool set to select, ressize, change stacking order, move, and lock to the background. Be sure to try right click when you have something selected to find some of these features. Get a Collaborate room if you haven't already (just do a Collaborate trial and when it is expired you have a 3-seater vRoom from there on out). Feel free to come in during my open office hours next week and I can help if you need it. Go to click on the Open Office Hours graphic in the left sidebar. The hours are listed on the graphic.


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Hi Heddi,

I can try your files in my Blackboard classroom if you'd like. So far I've found that it takes Powerpoint and jpegs, but not Word files. There's probably a list of supported formats somewhere, but I couldn't find one within the classroom. Since we are dropping in one after the other, presenters will find that it will be most convenient to have all your slides in one file so that you can hit "load" and be done.


According to the training last night it will take PPT slides, but no transitions or animation, or video.  But they do suggest using the slides as JPEG to make it load faster.


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