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Jessie Voigts, PhD
Publisher, WanderingEducators.com

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Hannah Miller, Current Worldschooler, Travel Writer, Student in the Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program

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USA, New Zealand

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Educators and parents looking to enhance the global learning of their students/children; teens

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Worldschooling is a way of exploring the world, no matter where you are!

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Learn from an international educator and worldschooler what worldschooling is all about - and how you can change your life through worldschooling. Topics covered include: How to, ideas, a list of inspirational websites from worldschooling families, books, websites, videos, apps, discussion with a current worldschooler, and more.

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Jessie--I'm not sure why, but wanderingeducactors.com isn't poulling up for me this morning.  I just need to make sure this isn't a pitch for commercial services.  Cheers,  Steve.

hi steve - it is wandering educators - the link works fine. it's an article on worldschooling; we're a travel library for global educators. we presented at the global education conference last year on our teen travel blogging program. thanks!

OK, great.  Not sure why I couldn't get to the site the other day!

thank you!


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