So, in addition to the great webinars that Jenny Luca is holding on Web 2.0, I thought I'd introduce the idea of students setting up and running webinars on topics that they are interested in sharing.  

I'm really hoping we can build a crew of liberated students who will start teaching each other.  Let me know if you're interested, and we'll build a system to get these going!

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Webinars sounds like an interesting idea. I'm not familiar
with the concept but I'll look into it, if I were to run one it
would be on leadership or life skills, like changing a tyre.
I'd like to think of ways we could empower students for
making change themselves. I'll put some thought into it.

Do you have any ideas?
Haha my iPhone editing is terrible...
I'm not sure changing a tire (tyre) would translate well into a Webinar, but my guess is that you'll think of something--or of something that you like someone else to do that would be of interest to you and we can solicit for it!


Well it wouldn't be on changing a tyre(tire), it would be on life skills. Perhaps somebody would want to do a video on the particulars of car care. Then another could make one "how to make friends"(networking). Somebody who is good with money could teach people the best way to manage money day to day. These things are not taught in schools and your parents might not be the best at teaching you. They are vital skills that every person needs, once you have these down pat everything else is much easier.

Learning is behavior change! Memorize something as much as you like but until it changes what you do you have not learnt anything. What I read about Webinars is that they can be partly participative this would be great.

Here is a little brainstorm I had for other life skills:
Motivating yourself everyday
Organisational Skills (to do lists changed my life :p)
Setting life goals
Speed Reading
Stepping out of your comfort zone (why we need to!)
Communication skills
Car care (mentioned above)
networking (mentioned above)

I'm also thinking we could make a certificate for people to print afterwards.

I'm getting carried away with brainstorming some other conference topics could be;
How to study smart
Cloud computing " how to use in real life"
I am SO digging this. I think this is a GREAT idea. If you keep working on that list, we could post/email it out and ask people to create videos and upload them, or host a Webinar on the topic as part of a "Students 2.0" series. Brilliant, Marty.
Sounds good. I am limited on time I can spend on doing an event like this, however if we can get a group of like minded people to help out we can to it EASILY. =D

I will finish that list and that brainstorm then we can call it a proposal. I'll post a separate thread here for people to put their 2 cents in and maybe they can bring skills we need to the table. You can send what I post in an e-mail and see if you can get more people to help/contribute.

After that we can start naming programs and setting dates. I will send you a copy of what I want to post to you personally first so you can look over it. Expect it out by the end of the week.
Awesome. Will look forward to it.


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