MyChatPack - creative video communication tool for the classroom and home.

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Justine Hughes  Educator / Educational Consultant

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Virtual Technologies International Limited

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New Zealand

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All ages from Kindergarten through to Secondary / High School - teachers, parents, students

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Using MyChatPack to share learning stories through video and attachments.

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As teachers and parents, we are keen to be able to share teaching and learning quickly and effectively with our learners and the wider community both at home and globally, especially in a homeschool environment.    We want to be able to find ways that can help us share learning with others quickly and efficiently.

The solution, as my class and I have found, is MyChatPack by Virtual Technologies International.  MyChatPack grew out of a fantastic tool used in the recruitment industry – MyVcv (My Virtual CV).  My class and I took this initial tool and became software designers and also gave it its name.  The learning process for all of us has been incredible – it’s been a truly amazing journey.


The key point of difference for MyChatPack is that we can email videos of our learning home to our families and to our learning buddies across the globe – the video opens in the email so there is no need to go to an external site to access it!  It’s an incredibly simple and yet creative process.


Even better, to improve student confidence, (which it most certainly has done for everyone involved in the trial), is the ability to write your own script and have it running along the top of your video screen as you record.  It’s a great support and helps to build confidence in speaking in public.


We have used this tool in all curriculum areas to show what we’ve learned, and it has also been used for teachers to create learning examples for students in maths.  We can also see the uses for our ESOL students, and students with special needs, etc.  The beauty of this teaching and learning tool is that its uses are only limited by your creativity and imagination.


The more this tool has been used, the more ideas for its uses are created and we can see how effective it would be in the homeschool learning environment to share learning between a variety of learning communities.

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Justine--I'd like to accept this if we can keep it non-commercial, if MyChatPak isn't a potential sponsor...


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