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Suki Wessling

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Discovery Learning Center of Santa Cruz

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California, US

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Parents who are taking their children out of school or changing their mind from school to homeschool.

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Suki Wessling offers this presentation to help parents change from school-based to a homeschool-based mindset.

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School is all around us, in our shared culture, our family history, our own histories, and maybe even in how we've educated our children so far. One of the hardest things about beginning to homeschool is shifting from a school-based mindset, which is all around us and unquestioned by most people, to a homeschool-based mindset, which often has to be created deliberately. In this session, we will talk about how mindsets work, what our school-based mindset is, and what a homeschool-based mindset is. Then we will work through how parents can move from the unquestioned school-based mindset to the deliberately thought out homeschool-based mindset. We'll discuss unschooling, the importance of understanding the needs of the child(ren), parents, and family in creating a successful homeschool, and how to make sure that your homeschool adapts to the changes that happen in every family.

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This looks great!  So many of the people signing up are indicating they are thinking about homeschooling, and this is just what they will need.

Be sure to sign up as a partner organization!  It's free, and we put information about you on the site here.



Thanks for accepting my proposal. I'm really looking forward to it! 



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