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John Cummins and TaoTao Long, University of Tennessee Instructional Technology PhD candidate

Organization or School Name: University of Tennessee

Co-Presenter Name(s): TaoTao Long, University of Tennessee Instructional Technology PhD candidate and Jennifer Ammons Homeschool Coop Flipper

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: USA

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Homeschool Coop Teachers

Short Session Description:

Flipping the Homeschool Coop: Plus and MInuses!

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We want to probe into the ideas of flipping homeschooling coops.  The idea is to free up more hands-on active learning during homeschool coop "classes" to make the events more social and to foster deeper learning.  The flipper will need to provide some sort of pre-class training which we hope to deal with in the presentation. We would like to rapidly cover some of the dos and don'ts.

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4 basic steps to FLIP:

Jon Bergmann's Flipped Learning

FlipSide, Bam Radio

Khan Academy- cons:

Khan Academy - resource:

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I am very interested in your presentation. The home school science labs I facilitate are in a "flipped classroom" concept. It has worked well for us so far...

One conversation that consistently comes up in the context of flipped classroom, or in this case co-op, is an agreed-to definition of what constitutes a flipped classroom? There has been much debate about this...

Looking forward to this weekend.


  Please join for sure.  You can be one of the "experts" since you are doing it.  I have a lady named Jennifer that also does it but she may or may not be there.  One of my main exploratory questions for my dissertation will be on the very subject of FLIP definition (s).


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