Creating Your Own Interactive E-learning with Adobe Captivate

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Tammy Moore

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Virtual Homeschool Group

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Arkansas, USA

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Co-op administrators; parents and student that like to make their own curriculum resources

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Creating Your Own Interactive e-Learning with Adobe Captivate

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Tammy Moore is the administrator of Virtual Homeschool Group which is an online course co-op. Everyone there is a volunteer so the courses can remain tuition free. Online courses are a new area for home school families and instructors, but VHSG volunteers have been building and running courses for 9 years. The technology for building and running online courses is fascinating and now with the monthly subscriptions is affordable too. Co-op leaders and instructors, creative parents that love edtech and creating their own interactive lessons, and students that are interested in becoming teachers or e-learning/interactive game designers as a career area will find Adobe Captivate to be a wonderful tool.

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Virtual Homeschool Group - Online Course Co-op:

Virtual Homeshool Group -

Tammy's Adobe Educator's Exchange Profile Page:

Lots of Captivate files and try it interactive lessons

Tammy Moore's Personal Website:

More about Moore and the home of many published Captivate lessons

Adobe Captivate Subscription Page:

Skip the box version since Adobe is going to subscription from now on

Get the trial version or click BUY and then use the drop down to select subscription

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I will be teaching a free Captivate course at VHSG that will be a blend of home school teens, parents, teachers, and e-learning designers. Not only will they learn to use Captivate but they will build a full Marine Biology course as a team. It will earn dual credits in technology and science for the teens. I am working on getting a marine biologist as our content expert that will check our content for accuracy. Once the course is built, it will run as a free course at VHSG. It is a real-world project that will actually be used by other students in the future created by the students of the Captivate course.


Tammy Moore

I am a marine biologist and happy to help. I am interested in learning about Adobe Captivate. I can be contacted at Regards, Casper Pieters

Hurrah for Tammy!


A Learning Revolution Project

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