TEDxTeen http://www.tedxteen.com/ is scheduled for March 27.  Here is the description: TEDxTeen has curated a lineup of international youth
(sprinkled with some compelling adults who made big waves as teens) who
are tackling the big questions and big problems with passion and action.

Would love to facilitate a type of virtual TEDxTeen using Steve's Elluminate platform with all youth speakers such as the ones for the TEDxTeen conference.  Interest?

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Great link. I've included it, with your wiki one, in a links box on the front page.

Would have loved to have connected the TEDxTeen event and our network! But there will be other events!
Thanks Steve - my idea is to use this network and your Elluminate LearnCentral to sponsor our own type of Virtual TEDxTeen with all youth speakers. Maybe over the summer?
Oooohhh, I LOVE IT! OK, I really want to help you make this happen. Let's talk about it and maybe it's worth having it be a part of the initial pitch for people to join the network? Wow.
Yes Steve - you have "got" it ; )

Already thinking about who can be invited:
- Adora Svitak http://www.adorasvitak.com/
- Zach Bonner - http://littleredwagonfoundation.com/
- Andrey Ternovskiy - http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/02/13/chatroulettes-founder-17-i...
- Civil War Sallie - http://civilwarsallie.blogspot.com/
- Sejal Hathi http://www.empoweragirl.org/pages/page.php?pageid=17
We can add students I've interviewed--from the Harvard program, and "Arthus," and the original Students 2oh (http://students2oh.org/) group.

I also think when we put the word out to CR 2.0 and our other networks, that educators will have students that they know who can participate.

I'm talking with Michael Furdyk this morning, and my guess is that the TakingITGlolbal program will be a HUGE goldmine--but I need to find out if they do something like this already.

Another brilliant idea.

I started to add names, but I think they were all too old. What the age for Tedxteen? Is there one?


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