A Virtual Conference For and By Students 2.0 - Spring 2010?

I am proposing a spring virtual conference (end of May, beginning of June?) as a type of springboard for Students 2.0 - to possibly ignite some projects for the summer months. I foresee asking some young people who are actually "out there" making change to speak as well as open it up to any other students who would like to speak. Elluminate would be used as the conference platform. I see it as a type of virtual TEDx for young people but we could also include space and forums for panels and networking. It might be a way for students and the projects/programs being discussed in the "ideas" forum to connect.

Students could also serve in other capacities such as designing a logo, coming up with the program, hosting sessions and moderating the chats, publicity, etc. - be involved in any and all roles needed for a conference. If it is successful, this could possible be a bi-annual event - with another occurring in the fall. I would be willing to help with the organization - as a central hub - but would love other teachers'-students' assistance.

Let me know your thoughts - if you are interested.

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Usually in groups and event planning, there is a hierarchy in who can do what? This event/opportunity sounds organic (very exciting) how will various rolls be determined?
First come...
Classified listing...
What other ways do capacities get created/filled by organically developed events?
super...i think we ask Christian Long to work on this.. his project would be a great foundation for it - and a great way to share out learning from the project. He's sent out an open invitation...

i say we leave it open to the kids, just be there to help with whatever they need.
i want a front row seat.

the toughest thing we'll run into - is busy kids... until there's a shift and this type of thing is counted as "school" - a lot of them just won't have time. so - let's push for it - as an incredible "school" project.
I am very excited about the concept of a Student 2.0 Virtual Conference and would be very interested in helping with the brainstorming and planning. I definitely agree with Steve's suggestion to invite collaboration and input in a forum on LearnCentral (and anywhere else you could get student input). The student input will be very important. While we won't reach a lot of students directly on LearnCentral, we could ask teachers to get input from their students for topics, format, process, etc.

I have some personal time constraints because I am very involved in planning our upcoming AzTEA WOW Conference which will be held on April 31/May 1. So my time is very limited until that is over. I also have a bit of concern about trying to host the conference in May. That is a very busy time for both teachers and students in the US with end-of-year routines, final exams, graduation activities, etc. Preparation by students with teacher support during this time period may be difficult, and I wouldn't want to see the conference fail for lack of participation because of the timing (not lack of interest). However, I also agree with Steve's point that it would be a valuable experience for anyone who was able to be involved. It's a great idea to try to do it as a "jumpstart" for possible summer involvement and extended sessions/activities. Summer vacation begins at very different times around the world with many East coast schools going until near the end of June. In AZ school ends near the end of May. In places like Australia it is not summer but the middle of their school year. Those are things we'll want to consider in choosing the timing of the event.

I would like to see a very open process for soliciting participation from all students including student self-selection, student peer nomination, teacher nomination, and many others. Some students are doing some amazing things with technology but aren't necessarily good presenters. Panel presentations would also be fun, interesting and informative! Some of the students that have been involved with online webcasting/radio show might be good candidates, such as Ben N Ben on the Seedlings show and Matt Montagne's Gator Radio students just to mention a couple.

Let's brainstorm. :-)
yes Peggy - is that Lauren and Andi - on the Gator radio? they are great..I would also like to hear from the kids at SLA, like the ones that worked on the bio diesel generator for Guatemala..
yes Monika--they were leaders on Gator Radio last year but the show is on a bit of hiatus right now and there are new students involved. There was a great webcast in Jan with Ben N Ben and Gator Radio that you would enjoy listening to because the kinds of brainstorming they were doing about collaborating would be just the kind of thing we might want to tap into. http://gatorradio.blogspot.com/2010/01/gator-radio-interviewed-on-b... The kids at SLA would have some great input too.
I love this idea. I just finished my first web event and it was awesome. This would be a great addition to my science classes and would allow my students to take ownership of their learning in a new and exciting way. I will be discussing this with them in class and see what they think. This could be a real positive step towards making the changes that need to be made in my classroom.


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