What does, did, could, can education look like - Part 1

To think that education doesn't need to be in a global environment is to keep our heads in the sand.  All the world has moved into global networking to accomplish their goals and yet we want to keep our children back in the 18th century.  

If someone asked me what was good about No Child Left Behind I would say it was the IEP.  Make no mistake, NCLB left many children behind by lowering all academic standards so more would show proficiency.  And the IEP's developed for each student in fact are designed from a standard checklist computer program-you mark it and the program writes it.

 But they had the facade of providing selected students with an individualized program.  All was calm on the educational front for a while but then unrest began. "By child is bored and gifted-where's his IEP?"  And this began a flood of parents and educators to think perhaps ALL children should have an IEP.

Here began the murmurs of "Personal Learning Pathways" PLP, Individualized learning, The rumblings have grown loud now and many people and organizations are working hard towards personalized learning.  But in the end I fear that neither the CCS or attempts at PL will pull education out of the sand.

But there is one thing that can, and will!

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