Veritas Prep Announces Free Online SAT Prep Resources Chock Full of Insider Tips and Strategies

As high school juniors begin the college search and application process, one of the first steps for many is taking the SAT this spring. To assist these students, Veritas Prep today announced new dates and times for its free online SAT prep seminars. The seminars cover proven strategies and common misconceptions about the test. The seminars are complemented by additional free resources on Veritas Prep’s website that provide helpful information on the SAT reading, writing and math sections as well as insider tips from college admissions experts.


“Scoring well on the SAT is the foundation of a strong college application because a student’s score is often even weighed more heavily than his or her GPA and good preparation is the straightest path to earning a top score. In order to do well on the SAT, a test taker has to learn to apply the knowledge they’ve learned, so test preparation has to go beyond relying on what the student knows already or can memorize in a short amount of time. The seminars and other free resources are part of our dedication to help students learn to think like the test maker and develop strategies to earn their best possible score,” said Shaan Patel, a perfect SAT score recipient and Director of SAT Programs at Veritas Prep.


The SAT 2400 seminar is a great introduction for students – and their parents – who are getting ready to take the SAT for the first time. In addition to tips on how to prepare, the seminar covers insights into the application cycle and mistakes made by students and parents in the college admission process.


On top of the strategies in the SAT 2400 seminar, students will find resources that cover all aspects of SAT prep on the Veritas Prep website. The free resources include:


  • SAT practice test – Knowing what to expect on the test is important. All students who visit the Veritas Prep website can download an official College Board SAT practice test, for free.
  • SAT Math resources – Tips and helpful hints will provide students with key insights to do well on the three math portions on the SAT.
  • SAT Reading and Writing resources – The SAT Reading score makes up one third of test takers’ total score. These resources and practice quizzes will help test takers improve critical reading comprehension and find the key to unlocking the section.


In addition to the SAT test prep resources, Veritas Prep has also made free college application resources available. Drawing upon insider knowledge of the college application process, Veritas Prep can provide guidance for students on:


  • Early decision and early action in college admissions – Students can learn about the differences between types of early college applications and how to leverage each type to their advantage
  • College admissions essay writing tips – These tips and helpful hints will teach students how to write winning admissions essays. 

To learn more about the online SAT prep seminar from Veritas Prep and its college admissions consulting services visit

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