Last month at the AdvancedEd Conference, I questioned Roberto Rodriguez, special assistant to President Obama’s Educational Policy about all the incentives Obama was proposing.  I felt it was money being thrown away on the same things that aren’t working now.  I laid out what we could do without spending all that money - in fact, returning money back to the communities. 

It was without knowledge of the politics of education which I try to avoid. Then I read  the one article of July 9th by Steve Horn about the Joyce Foundation, Chicago school closings and the various connections to Obama.   Not to mention Edward Murdock's expectation to make big bucks on education around the world.

I had honestly thought education was not making the changes out of ignorance on the part of leadership.   Now I see that is not the case at all - its all about making money off our ignorance.  As long as we continue to follow their dictates, we will not be able to accomplish educational change.

 We are all born learners, full of curiosity and the courage to explore the unknown.  When we hit that magic number 6 (for some 5 or 7) we start the training to become students and have it fairly well memorized by the time we are 8 or 9.  Many get lost during the "training", and are labelled and/or medicated, given a cookie-cutter IEP and are passed along. Others are bored and try to "escape".  Those are usually the ones you find at the principle's office or in an alternative educational program.  They're called non-conformists.  

I am now convinced we must and can change the system from the ground up starting with the learners, parents and teachers and spread the word around the world.     We have gone through many revolutions, freedom for blacks, women's rights, gay rights.  Now is the time for learners rights.  Individual educators and organizations are gathering together to develop a tool us to facilitate learners, or allow us opportunities to become learners ourselves.  

We must present a unified front with a tool to support change

Malcolm Gladwell talks about “the tipping point” as “that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” That’s what we need to do.  We'd like your help doing it.

Recently, I did a video to introduce the concept of a "Universal Library for Learning", the tool that could possible revolutionize education. Visit Next Generation Global Education for more information.

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