Sleepout for Schools, bubbling along nicely

On Friday the Sleepout for Schools commitee met to discuss somthings about the night. Before this meeting my brain was scattered with thoughts and stresses but things are sorted out now. Everyone has a job to complete and we have a set date - 28th of May (only 33 days away!) In that time we have to get tickets out, sell tickets, buy food, organise teachers to supervise... - ahh! If I list any more I will stress out again.

I have a group of 10 fellow year 10 students and a Brillient teacher (I know her as Mrs Luca but everyone else refers to Mrs Luca by her first name, Jenny Luca ( ). Working hard to organise everything. Two amazingly talented friends of mine are designing posters and tickets. We are charging $15 (Aus) per ticket. $10 will go to Daraja Academy in Kenya ( ) and $5 will go to costs of the night (food and anything else).

We begun filming a video about my school and the lead up to sleepout for schools to send to Daraja Academy. The video will include:

  • information about my school and it's students
  • information about Australia
  • Everything to do with Sleepout for Schools including meetings
  • Footage from Sleepout for schools
  • I REALLY want a big group of girls (50+) to all call out, in unsion, somthing like 'we love daraja' or 'Toorak loves Daraja' to end the film/documentry

    My Arty friend and me will be editing it so hopfully it looks good. I think a short video will be great to begin the connection between schools. Because we will be sending money over but the girls won't know where it came from. I think the connection of Australian girl to Kenyan girl would be lovely too. I really want to get some kind of Pen Pal system started up.

    I'm hoping to have another meeting soon but the week is filled with closed lunch times (lunchtimes dedicated to House Singing day) so it is difficult to fit everything in. I figured out if you tell everyone that chocolate muffins will be at the meeting then you are bound to have a good turn out.

    I would really love sleepout for schools to extend beyond my school one day. I have a vision of a giant sleepover party, In some venue in the middle of Melbourne - Imagine a Sleepover with 1000 students there. Wow, even thinking about it boggles my mind. But the media buzz you would create and even more importantly the money and awarness you could raise for needy schools all around the world would be astounding.

    If you would like anymore info about Sleepout for Schools or anything else, please contact me. I really could write about it days - but I have VCE Pyschology homework to finish :-)


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