Sleepout For Schools - 26 Days away!

Its Coming around so quickly!
At least I'm not as paniced as I was before.

We Have to start selling tickets by the end of this week. So fingers crossed we can can the design and the permission slips complete before then.

If you ever want to organise a sleepout for schools or some thing simerlar, some thing you definently have to have a good long think about is the food. We have got a great deal from a Pizza shop near out school. He is going to give us 28 family sized pizzas for only $110. They are usually $15 each. If we didn't have this deal, it would cost us $480! so what is the lesson learnt here? SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS!
So the pizza is the dinner part. But it isn't a sleepover party if there arn't salt and sugar filled snacks (I never said Sleepout for schools was a night of healthy eating). My wonderful Mum is donated a few kilos of unpopped Popcorn kernals... that we will pop on the night. A few girls are bringing domestic popcorn poppers... or whatever they're called. And we are selling cups of popcorn at 50c a cup. So they are cheap.. so they buy more. and we raise more money... mwahahaha. We are also selling cups of mixed lollies. But we havn't dicussed drinks yet... note to self: put that on list of things to do.

Ah yes, we have all teachers sorted out. Which is great. Well we have 5 teachers that are definently locked in to Sleepover and supervise. So that is the legal amount. There are a few teachers who are still 'maybes' and 'I'm not sure' so thats ok. My friends and myself will have to have meetings with all the teachers incase they have any inquiries about the night. Not this week though, its closed lunch times all week! (Singing Practise basically).

Here is Sleepout4Schools ning if you want to have a look:

We are yet to write up an itinarary. But we have all these ideas that we have to squash from 6pm on Friday night to 8am on Saturday Morning: Movie, Skype Call (And what time should we do it?). Trivia, A game in the gym (like an obstacle course), Free Time (1 hour?), A talent concert, Kareoke.

Well Thats about it for This Week,

Talk to you soon :-D

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