Schooling without family support is like rice without the dish. My mom grew up without going to school. In those days, girls were forbidden to attend school. That was 80 years ago. When we, her children, grew up she ensured that we all went to school. Most of us esp. the daughters strived to excel in our studies. Like many children my age, it was not easy. Having a mother who had no formal schooling made it even more difficult, but with all her love and sense of urgency, she continued to encourage us to do well in our studies, or else, her warning was, 'go plant paddy'. Her gentle, loving care and never ending sacrifice spurred me on. Today, I am what I am because of her. She planted the rice and cooked the dishes that went with it. My father was the quiet pillar behind it all. He provided the strictest discipline that no one dared to break. Or else, risk breaking their legs, literally.

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