It's interesting I discovered this when I did.

For some time now, I've been working on how to better teach my students. A little background. I'm a full-time digital media teacher in California, teaching Video Game Design to High School age students at a high school. The typical student of mine is a boy and a serious video game player. They also fall into the category of Student 2.0. They show well that they have grown up in a digital world, they have a cell phone and often an iPhone, they all own video game systems (I even had one last year with pretty much every brand and model released over the past 3 or so years), their avid facebook/myspace/twitterers, and they tend to be pretty bored in their regular classes. What's been most exciting for me is not those truly hard core "tech" types that have already been building video game levels. I find those who came into my class just to play games but then discovered they could make them and make them well are some of my best kids. Additionally, they are often the ones doing worst in their academic classes. So, my dream would be to use what I've learned about Video Game Design and it's potential for exciting kids about other topics. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and program consolidation, my classes are not coming back next year and those the program I created 5 years ago is ending. BUT, I'm speaking with a new district that's looking for a Technology Teacher who would be more a Technology Guru and would give me the opportunity to integrate technology and techniques used with the modern kids I've had on a broader basis. I'm up for the interview and am hopeful. We'll see...

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