10 Days Until Sleepout For Schools

Wow, Am I excited or what?

That was rethorical. But I will answer it for you, I am excited. Very Exctied. Today, Sleepout for Schools tickets went on sale and permission forms went out to parents. I heard a lot of buzz about it today during lunchtime so hopfully everyone is looking forward to it. Now that tickets are selling, we have to focus on the little details. And I know these ten days will go very quickly. All we have to do now is: Get some raffle prizes, Order and buy the food, sell raffle tickets, finish music playlist for the night and write up an itinerary. Its really not much. I'm just happy that tickets are out and we can start raising money.
I will (hopfully, if I'm not too busy) post a blog about an hour before the event begins. And then I will continue posting after the event.

Bye xo

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