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What does, did, could, can education look like - Part 1

To think that education doesn't need to be in a global environment is to keep our heads in the sand.  All the world has moved into global networking to accomplish their goals and yet we want to keep our children back in the 18th century.  

If someone asked me what was good about No Child Left Behind I would say it was the IEP.…


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babyhood film trailer...

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Homeschooling Parents are very dangerous

Everyday the federal government is diminishing the role and responsibility of parents and families.  

Through direct and indirect federal regulations, various federal agencies are setting policies for determining 

how children should be treated.  Often, the role and responsibilities of parents are ignored.  Homeschooling

is a challenge to federal authority for several reasons: (1) Homeschooling Parents assert their authority over their

children, (2)…


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Students or Learners

Last month at the AdvancedEd Conference, I questioned Roberto Rodriguez, special assistant to President Obama’s Educational Policy about all the incentives Obama was proposing.  I felt it was money being thrown away on the same things that aren’t working now.  I laid out what we could do without spending all that money - in fact, returning money back to the communities. 

It was without knowledge of the politics of education which I try to avoid. Then I read  the one…


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Conference is all I Need

Hello everyone!

This is Rolan (Rolando R. Barcelon) from Quirino High School, Quezon City, Philippines.  This is my second time probably to use blackboard collaborate. 

I'm so privileged and thankful to the organizers of this event.  This is very helpful especially for my professional growth and so to others.  Thanks especially to Sir Steve for the invitation.

God bless us all!


(Chemistry teacher, Quirino High School, Quezon City,…


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A Learning Revolution Project

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