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I hope to combine a number of the tips from several of the websites to share with my teachers and students as school starts. 

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School Wide Awareness Seminars on Internet Social Networking

Our local law enforcement staff present a 80 minute presentation to our students, one aimed toward younger and one toward older students.  They present a lot of information and encourage students to report it if there is any bullying online.

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#DigiFoot12 Week 6 - Cyberbullying prevention in progress in CT

#DigiFoot12 Week 6 - Cyberbullying:

Very good session online with Bill Belsey of CA.  In Connecticut we now have laws that are in place.

Our school had two half professional teacher days on this topic/bullying, etc. and new requirements for teachers to report and identifying a case manager for each school.

Younger and younger children are online and are encountering bullying and need advice and…


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Bill had a great class which stressed the importance that cyberbullying is not not a technology issue, but more of an emotional development issue. Kids will be cruel when they are insecure and immature. They are trying to find a voice. Teaching them netiquette is the best way to model how to be a person that can respond with forethought and responsibility. Teaching students to see the results of their actions helps to develop empathy.One of the infographics used by Bill shows brain…


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Student Educators

After looking at a number of student pages, I felt most connected to the young woman by the name of Sierra Goldstein. This young woman left the traditional path of education and struck out on her own to follow what interested her. I realize that this young woman must have some special parents who allowed her to grow in a non-traditional way without fear of what others might think and say. Luckily, Sierra appears to be very self-motivated and independent. Having home educated our two children…


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A Learning Revolution Project

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