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No Fee for Bird Course?

How could a course like this be available for students on our Student 2.0?
Would we have to find a teacher first? Or bird enthusiast students then turned teachers?
Or could this be an announcement of sorts in a calendar or events forum?

Announcing the Online Summer Course!
If you are planning to teach 7-8th grade in the coming school year, and have an interest in bolstering your inquiry teaching skills, please consider taking our…

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It's interesting I discovered this when I did.

For some time now, I've been working on how to better teach my students. A little background. I'm a full-time digital media teacher in California, teaching Video Game Design to High School age students at a high school. The typical student of mine is a boy and a serious video game player. They also fall into the category of Student 2.0. They show well that they have grown up in a digital world, they have a cell phone and often an iPhone, they all own video game systems (I even had one last year… Continue

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Sleepout for Schools, bubbling along nicely

On Friday the Sleepout for Schools commitee met to discuss somthings about the night. Before this meeting my brain was scattered with thoughts and stresses but things are sorted out now. Everyone has a job to complete and we have a set date - 28th of May (only 33 days away!) In that time we have to get tickets out, sell tickets, buy food, organise teachers to supervise... - ahh! If I list any more I will stress out again.

I have a group of 10 fellow year 10…


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Just signing up!

Just finished signing up here, and boy are my hands tired (cue crickets.) Nevermind that, Im just excited to be part of this network of people, and hope to learn many new ways to learn. Im sure many other students have had to find ways to teach themselves different subjects, and I look forward to learning new ways to get information. My favorites are IIT lectures (Indian), webinars, anything on youtube relating to science, and lecture transcripts (which I havent found very many of)



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A Learning Revolution Project

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