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I am trying



I try to understand why educational sistem in my country is so terribly traditional.

So much and for so long, school has  been  the way it is,  that nobody knows where we are going to.

The worst of all is that many people take economical benefit of the situation.

It is a shame that our children are just seen as a mean for a  legal but tremendously inhuman business of the traditional school.

Now I´m  trying homeschooling to get free and hopping to…


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Home is the First School !!!

This conference was amazingly great for the new insight of the Unschooling / Homeschooling !

I am the Director of one of the educational Institutes in India (Of course, a traditional school) !

I was in dilemma for my little daughter (6yrs) ... whether to give her traditional schooling or the Homeschooling which she likes very much. But finally, I got the answer after the completion of the conference. I am also planning to run a resource center and counselling…


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Homeschooling in Trivandrum

I am searching for homeschoolers or planning-to-be homeschoolers in Trivandrum. 

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What does, did, could, can education look like - Part 1

To think that education doesn't need to be in a global environment is to keep our heads in the sand.  All the world has moved into global networking to accomplish their goals and yet we want to keep our children back in the 18th century.  

If someone asked me what was good about No Child Left Behind I would say it was the IEP.…


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babyhood film trailer...

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Homeschooling Parents are very dangerous

Everyday the federal government is diminishing the role and responsibility of parents and families.  

Through direct and indirect federal regulations, various federal agencies are setting policies for determining 

how children should be treated.  Often, the role and responsibilities of parents are ignored.  Homeschooling

is a challenge to federal authority for several reasons: (1) Homeschooling Parents assert their authority over their

children, (2)…


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Students or Learners

Last month at the AdvancedEd Conference, I questioned Roberto Rodriguez, special assistant to President Obama’s Educational Policy about all the incentives Obama was proposing.  I felt it was money being thrown away on the same things that aren’t working now.  I laid out what we could do without spending all that money - in fact, returning money back to the communities. 

It was without knowledge of the politics of education which I try to avoid. Then I read  the one…


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Conference is all I Need

Hello everyone!

This is Rolan (Rolando R. Barcelon) from Quirino High School, Quezon City, Philippines.  This is my second time probably to use blackboard collaborate. 

I'm so privileged and thankful to the organizers of this event.  This is very helpful especially for my professional growth and so to others.  Thanks especially to Sir Steve for the invitation.

God bless us all!


(Chemistry teacher, Quirino High School, Quezon City,…


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UPE in Uganda!!!!!!

Universal Education in Uganda is really a very big challenge, they say go to school and going to school under UPE in Uganda becomes a bit challenging to the most of the young people undergoing it,with no support and no practical benefit !!!!!!! .thinking about it is better than talking about it but all in all to modify it into productive one.

UPE has left many people with a lot heart wounds, why, they do not have any support to effectively implement the program, am meaning the the…


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Schooling without family support ...

Schooling without family support is like rice without the dish. My mom grew up without going to school. In those days, girls were forbidden to attend school. That was 80 years ago. When we, her children, grew up she ensured that we all went to school. Most of us esp. the daughters strived to excel in our studies. Like many children my age, it was not easy. Having a mother who had no formal schooling made it…


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My native Land ever shine!

I invited  all my friends to join. 

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Native Speakers Academy - Resources (A)

Education News & Resources for Free

Designed to empower all educators

This newsletter is designed to give you the tools you need to take control of your own education. It provides weekly links to vital news, tools, advice and information to allow you to improve your present personal skills and also give you a broader…


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Veritas Prep Announces Free Online SAT Prep Resources Chock Full of Insider Tips and Strategies

As high school juniors begin the college search and application process, one of the first steps for many is taking the SAT this spring. To assist these students, Veritas Prep today announced new dates and times for its free online SAT prep seminars. The seminars cover proven strategies and common misconceptions about the test. The seminars are complemented by additional free resources on Veritas Prep’s website that provide…


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How to Use Your Social Media Presence to Attract Employers

Social media has changed the way individuals interact with their friends, family, and most recently, potential employers. A new infographic recently released by Bryant & Stratton College highlights how employers use social media to search for and screen potential candidates. Entitled “Professional Use of Social Media Sites for College Students and Graduates,” the…


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I hope to combine a number of the tips from several of the websites to share with my teachers and students as school starts. 

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School Wide Awareness Seminars on Internet Social Networking

Our local law enforcement staff present a 80 minute presentation to our students, one aimed toward younger and one toward older students.  They present a lot of information and encourage students to report it if there is any bullying online.

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#DigiFoot12 Week 6 - Cyberbullying prevention in progress in CT

#DigiFoot12 Week 6 - Cyberbullying:

Very good session online with Bill Belsey of CA.  In Connecticut we now have laws that are in place.

Our school had two half professional teacher days on this topic/bullying, etc. and new requirements for teachers to report and identifying a case manager for each school.

Younger and younger children are online and are encountering bullying and need advice and…


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Bill had a great class which stressed the importance that cyberbullying is not not a technology issue, but more of an emotional development issue. Kids will be cruel when they are insecure and immature. They are trying to find a voice. Teaching them netiquette is the best way to model how to be a person that can respond with forethought and responsibility. Teaching students to see the results of their actions helps to develop empathy.One of the infographics used by Bill shows brain…


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Student Educators

After looking at a number of student pages, I felt most connected to the young woman by the name of Sierra Goldstein. This young woman left the traditional path of education and struck out on her own to follow what interested her. I realize that this young woman must have some special parents who allowed her to grow in a non-traditional way without fear of what others might think and say. Luckily, Sierra appears to be very self-motivated and independent. Having home educated our two children…


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Digital Citizenship Resources to share at school this fall

Just completed going to all the websites and reading resources posted for week 3 of DIGIFOOT12, on Digital Citizenship.  A lot of great resources to share and posters to print out and post for student education and awareness.

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A Learning Revolution Project

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