Conference Kudos

Awesome that truly student centered learning in place of the one size fits all attitude is available to a global audience in a user friendly format!

-Kirk Cunningham

This has been a fantastic inspiration for the start of our charter/homeschooling year. I really appreciate all the input, the "social" aspect of this event, and the opportunity to use technology to connect with people all over the world. Thanks so much for putting this together!

-Redwood Gal

Once again, Steve put together an amazing conference with individuals who are challenging the status quo, asking relevant questions, and offering transformative education solutions.

-Debbie Vane

This conference was a blessing. All homeschoolers were looking for such a venue. I wish there was a workshop on scheduling and lesson planning.

-Legon Moms Accra

GREAT!!!!! This is very needed for the homeschooling community. Excellent!

-Felicia Vaughn

My first online conference. I'm surprised how easy it is and how well everything works. Also impressed of the big schedule. Great work! Thanks to everybody.

-Katrin Brait

This is just an awesome convenient, and my kids are just amazed at the technology of this kind of "classroom" it! Thanks presenters and organizers!!


The conference is absolutely brilliant and a first for me in this setting. I am very enthusiastic about it's potential and keen to contribute as a presenter next year.

-Casper Pieters

Really enjoying this all so much. Hope to catch up on the recorded sessions this week.

This conference has re-boosted my confidence as an unschooler. Thank you!

-Julie Kirkwood

Really wonderful. I'm already making plans in my head for next time.

-Alison Snieckus

Wonderful opportunity to interact with people from around the world and learn more and more about home-schooling as well as learning as a process!

-Ashita Kaul

A great way of getting data right from the source and with the added value of being able to interact.


I'm very grateful that the sessions are recorded. There are so many presenters that I know and respect and it's impossible to be in two places at one time. This is the best webinar I have had the pleasure of attending so far. It's also the easiest homeschool conference I've ever been to.

-Kay Alina

Thank-you so much for all your hard work putting this conference together. I heard about it on a message board from a Charter/Homeschool we are part of, from a post by Suki Wessling. There was so much inspirational material covered in these talks on such a wide variety of topics. I think I tuned in to all or part of over a dozen talks. I took lots of notes and can't wait to follow-up on many of these resources and ideas. Just what we needed to start the academic year. In particular, the global aspect of it was very exciting. My kids were kind of amazed by this conference, as well, listening in on some of the talks and checking out the software you used to connect us all. They were excited to see some of the kids who joined in presenting. The software worked pretty well overall. I didn't take any extra time to learn how to use it, but I managed to participate as I wished, even with some "talk" participation on a couple of them. A few mic connections were not the best, but I could hear most just fine. It was great to see the person in video in real time when it happened, but even without that, all the presenters had good slides to show. Great workaround advice for my Mac provided. Good luck in creating the next conference! I will surely be looking for it, while also spreading the word about this one as much as I can. WAY more folks should be tuning in to this kind of thing. Thanks again!

-Redwood Gal

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