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This page is ONLY for presenters and volunteer moderators, as the links below are the moderator links for the conference session rooms. Please do not share or link to this page.


The "conference lounge" is the Blackboard Collaborate room which will be open during the whole conference, and where volunteers will report to get assignments for sessions, and where presenters can visit to get any help that they need at any time during the conference. The conference lounge is entered by clicking Homeschool13.com (or if that link doesn't work for you, paste the following into your browser: https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=2008350&password=M.10A7CCDE3E92A603E216F73B98FFDB).

We recommend that volunteer moderators actually keep both the conference lounge room and any room in which they are moderating both open at the same time.

(try ctrl-F if you are having trouble finding a session)

David Albert- Keynote LINK The Average Giraffe sleeps 4.6 hours a day
Clark Aldrich- Keynote LINK Unschooling Rules
P. Aravinda LINK Slow Learning
Leslie Safran Barson LINK Home Education in England and Wales
John Bovey LINK Using Online Resources to Teach Math vs. Training Kids in Math
Bernard Bull LINK What is Your Creation/Consumption Quotient? The Power of Learning By Doing
Monica Cochran LINK SelfDesign: Unfolding Our Infinite Wisdom Within
Meredith Collins LINK Humor and Lightness in the Face of Struggle
Heddi Craft LINK Writing Homeschooling Goals
John Cummins LINK Flipping the Homeschool Cooperative
Dorcas Davis LINK Utilizing Your Local Library to Bridge Homeschooling Curriculums
Edmond Dixon LINK Helping Boys Learn: 6 Secrets for Homeschool Success
Maria Droujkova LINK Baby algebra, toddler calculus: Adventurous math for the playground crowd
Pat Farenga - Keynote LINK The Legacy of John Holt
Jennifer Fee LINK Inquiry Through Citizen Science
Kathleen Forsythe LINK Observing for Learning
Cindy Gaddis- Keynote LINK Learning Disabled or Learns Differently?
Ann Gaudino LINK Benefits and Challenges in Homeschool Education
Peter Gray- Keynote LINK Free to Learn
Dwayne Harapnuik LINK Creating significant learning environments to inspire, foster and facilitate deeper learning
Yasmin Helal LINK Educate-Me Egypt: Dream-driven learning!
Jo Kay LINK Learning in Minecraft - the Massively @ jokaydia Guild
Marko Koskinen LINK Social, student-centered online study environment uniting homeschoolers and schools
Sri Lekha LINK The Fully Untapped Potential of Open Educational Resources to Individualize Instruction
Lainie Liberti LINK Travel as an alternative form of Education – Life Learning on the Road
Julie Lindsay LINK Flatten Your Learning: Use Technology to Connect with the World and Go Global
Olivia C. Loria LINK The Beauty of Homeschooling
Kara Mac Donald LINK Alternative Education in South Korea; Stigmatized Schooling or Cultural Resistance
Jamie McMillin LINK Self-Directed Learning and The Roots of Success
John Mighton LINK The Myth of Ability: Nurturing Mathematical Talent in Every child
Jerry Mintz- Keynote LINK The Global Movement for Learner-Centered Alternatives
Tammy Moore LINK Creating Your Own Interactive E-learning with Adobe Captivate
Lisa Nalbone LINK ABC's of Learning Beyond School: T is for Trust
Sorina Oprean LINK Unschooling, distance schools and how to use teaching materials
Althea Penn LINK The What and Why of Standardized Testing in the Christian Homeschool Context
Althea Penn LINK The Christian Education Mandate: Equipping Kingdom Kids to Impact the World for Christ
Althea Penn LINK Aligning Curriculum with the Bible and Common Core Standards
Kathy Ray LINK Dynamic Learning for 21st Century Learners
Natalie Rector LINK Transforming learners into global citizens through Wikipedia
Carlo Ricci LINK The Willed Curriculum: A Learner Centered Democratic Worldview
Zak Ringelstein LINK UClass, the world at your fingertips!
Eric Rosenberg LINK Enterprising Students in Institutional Contexts
Paula Rothermel LINK Homeschooling UK Comparision of 4-5 year olds in and out of school
Joey Sabol LINK Engaging Math Students in an Online Community
Urmila Samson LINK Healing Relationships, Healing Mother Earth
Cindy Sheets LINK Motivation for the Uphill Climb: Praise and Success
Edwige Simon LINK Short Term Online Language Review Courses
Alison Snieckus LINK Princeton Learning Cooperative: Helping teens live and learn without school
Revathi Viswanathan LINK Integrating Unschooling with Traditional Teaching
Jessie Voigts LINK Worldschooling
Elliot Washor- Keynote LINK How to Increase Student Engagement Focusing on Student Expectations
Suki Wessling LINK The Feminist Homeschooler
Suki Wessling LINK From School to Homeschool
Mariaemma Willis LINK Learning Styles or Learning Disabilities?
Yale Wishnick- Keynote LINK The Home schooling movement as a political, economic, and social force for change. How home schooling can save our country.
Dustin Woodard LINK Class Dismissed - The World's 1st Feature Length Documentary about Homeschooling

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