2012 Columbus International - Lycée Brassens de Neufchâtel-en-Bray


2012 Columbus International - Lycée Brassens de Neufchâtel-en-Bray

Hi students ! Here the brand new 2012 group I created for you. Please join it as soon as possible. I'm going to close the other group very soon.

Location: Columbus, Ohio, Neufchâtel-en-Bray, France
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Comment by Baltresca Mélanie on March 1, 2012 at 10:26am

Hello !!! My name is Mélanie, I was born on the 20th of March in 1996 in Rouen so I would be soon sixteen years old.
I am tall, I have got long brown hair and brown eyes.
I live in Saint Martin Osmonville, a small village near Neufchatel. I go to the lycée Georges Brassens. I like the scientific subjects.
Later I would like a midwife because I love babies!

I have got two sisters. Their names are Mathilde and Emeline. Mathilde is twelve years old and Emeline nine years old. Our parents are Laurent and Christel.

I am crazy about  basketball ! I practise four hours a week with my friends. I like watching TV. My favorite series are Grey's Anatomy, Dr House, Desperate Housewives..
I like very much romantic comedie as "a Cinderella story" or "Valentine's day".
I enjoy reading fantastic books.

In Normandy, we are on holidays since Friday evening, until on the 12nd of March. During my holidays I sleep a lot !!!!! (and of course do homework !)

Bye bye :)

Comment by Mathilde Lefrançois on March 2, 2012 at 3:28am

Hello everybody !

My name's Mathilde and I'm 16. As Pierrick wrote it, it's nice to meet you.

I'm  tall, slim and chestnut-haired. I live in Normandy (northwest) and I go to the lycée Georges Brassens, in Neufchâtel. I'm in the first year who called "seconde". I study several languages : English, German and Latin.

I'd like to be researcher of history or of philosophy.

I don't like talking about my family.

I enjoy travelling, meeting new people and discovering other cultures. I'm open to every sorts of opinion (except few of these, I've got convictions!).

With my friends, I usually talk about cinema, music, readings (even if I don't read a lot), fashion and politics. I sometimes watch tv shows (but I prefer going to the cinema or watching films) and I'm fond of NCIS, Grey's Anatomy and Dr Who. My favourite scriptwriter is Sofia Coppola. I listen to pretty much every styles of  music but I've peculiar tastes : rock (often hard or metal), independant musics (like Austra or PJ Harvey), and punk music. I love sport and play table tennis since my 7. This year I play theatre in the lycée.

This week, I organized a party, slept a lot and did shopping (very hard agenda =D) and from Monday, I'll play table tennis during five days. 

Write we soon !

Mathilde ;-)

Comment by Camille Outrebon on March 2, 2012 at 8:33am

I will introduce myself too.

My name is Camille , I was born on the 16th of april 1996 , in Amiens, so I'm fifteen years old .I live in a small village called Campneuseville , in Normandy .I live in a farm , because my father and my mother are farmers , so I have a lot of animals , I have a dog named Eros , a lot of cows , rabbits and chickens.

I have two sisters and one brother.Their names are Mathilde, Elodie and Baptiste . Mathilde is twenty-one years old , Elodie is eighteen years old and Baptiste is eleven years old.

I am tall, I have got long straight brown hair and blue eyes .I am patience and sociability however I am nervous.

Later I would like to be a judge .

So, I go to the lycée Georges Brassens ,in Neufchatel and  next year I would like  to make enocomic and social section .

I'm fond of Despereate Housewifes and Dr House , and my favourite films are "Remenber me" , "Valentine's day" and " les petits mouchoirs" .

I'm very happy to talk with Americans ! And I hope to know much of America with this exchange !

Now we are on holidays and you ?

Comment by lelong benjamin on March 2, 2012 at 2:04pm


My name is Benjamin and i was born in Amiens. I am fifteen years. I live in Vieux Rouen sur Bresle. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I am tall and i have black hair.

I got to the "Lycée Georges Brassens" in Neufchâtel en Bray and i would go to scientific section. Have you different section in your school?

I like watching T.V and mainly the movies.

Are you on the holidays?

Comment by Lapersonne Pauline on March 3, 2012 at 6:08am

Hi everybody, my name is Pauline.

I was born on the 20 th of June in 1996 in Mont St Aignan.

I’m medium, I have long, blond and curly hair and blues eyes. I live in Fontaine en Bray, a little village next to my lycée.

I’m in 2nde5. I very love scientific subjects, especially mathematics. Later, I would like a vet or policewoman in horses.


I have got 2 youngers sisters: Clémence et Vincianne.

My parents are Valérie et Philippe.


I very love horseriding, I practise this since 10 years. I love so, basketball.

I’m crazy about animals especially dogs and horses.

Have got a mare, whose name is Timba. I’m crazy about her.


In Normandy, We are in holydays since 1 week, during 2 weeks. During,holydays I go to my bed sleep, sleep, and again sleep.


Bye, bye. :) See you soon

Comment by Henry Douville on March 3, 2012 at 11:08am

Hi , My name is Henry Douville , I was born on the 7 of february in 1996 , at Rouen in Seine-Maritime .

I live in Londinières , it's a very small city .

I've got one brother , his name is Paul-Louis and he studies at Amiens .

I like playing Videos games ,table tennis and to be out .

My favourite TV programs are Malcolm and The Simpsons .

My best movies are Fight club , les visiteurs and seul au monde .

At home I've got one animal , it's a red fish.

I don't know my future career but what I'm sure it will be without mathematiques .

Very happy to meet you , good holidays !

Henry ,

Comment by Anaïs Vallois on March 5, 2012 at 4:58am

Hi ! I'm Anaïs Vallois. I was born on the 17th of September 1996 so I'm 15 y.o.

I live in a small French village which is called Rieux. I have one brother, who is 9 years old and one sister who is 18 years old. My sister make an English degree  in an university in Lille.

I am small, I have got long straight chestnut hair and my eyes are blue.

I listen to music all of the time : i love that. I like watching Glee, How I Met Your Mother and One Tree Hill. I enjoy cooking but I am clumsy so I don't cook often. I also enjoy reading. I haven't favourite movie but I don't really like romantic comedies.

In France, we are in holiday, until the 12th of March. I past my first holiday week in mountains where I skied. Now, I'm come home and I think I'm going to past many times in my bed !

I'm really happy to meet Americans and I hope learn many new things with you !

See you soon. ;)

Comment by TANGHE PAULINE on March 6, 2012 at 6:36am

My name is Pauline Tanghe. I was born on the 17th of January, 1996 in Rouen (in Normandy). I live in Serqueux (a little town near Neufchâtel-En-Bray, in Normandy). At the moment, I'm 16 years old.
I'm short, I've got a long, straight, chestnut hair and my eyes are blue-grey. I'm patient, very organized, hard-working and serious .
I've got two sisters and one brother. Their name are respectively Aurélie, Clémence and Valentin. Aurélie is 18, Clémence and Valentin are 13, they are twins. My mother, Véronique, is accountant and my father, Patrick, is vet.
I study in Neufchatel High School. I'm in « Seconde ». I like all the subjects but I prefer the History and the languages ( English, Spanish and Latin ). On the contrary of languages and history , I have some difficulties in sport.
I would like to be art restorer.
My passion is the dance. I study the modern jazz and the classic. I play also flute every week. I love reading. And for good reason, I read one book a week, when I have the time, but it's not often !!! I like also listening music and watching movies and series. My favorites series are «Mentalist», «Castle» and «RIS, police scientifique» and my favorites movies are «Les Piliers de la Terre», «Sherlock Holmes», «Cartouche» and «Benjamin Gates».... I have a lot of favorites movies, I can't list them all! My favorites authors are Juliette Benzoni and Anne Robillard.
Now, we are on holidays. During these holidays, I go skiing in the Alps and do my homework. And you, are you on holidays?
Bye for now!

Comment by Antoine Andrieu on March 7, 2012 at 9:00am


Hi, I'm Antoine Andrieu. I was born on the 14th of October 1996. I have one sister who is 18 years old. I'm tall, my hair is brown and my eyes are brown too. I live in Vert Bois, in Normandy.

I love music and sport. I play piano from 2 years but I learn to playing piano from 6 months. Before, I played guitar but I'm bad.

I like watching TV, for example, I like watching Dr House or " scène de ménage " because it's funny.

My favorite actor is Jean-Paul Belmondo because in certain movies, he is excentric but he is serious and fun. I like particularly " L'incorrigible " and " Itinéraire d'une enfant gâté ".

I have 4 dogs, Buffy, Eragone, Skip and Benco and I have 1 parrot.

In the future, I'd like become sound engineer.

So I wish very good holidays. Bye. 

Comment by Eugénie Douville on March 8, 2012 at 5:35am

Hi ! My name is Eugénie Douville and I was born on the 12th of november 1996 so I'm fifteen.I have long straight chestnut hair, and I have blue eyes. I'm rather tall, about 1m72.  I live in Blangy, a small town near Neufchatel, with my parents, my little brother of eleven and my sister of sixteen. Maybe you know her because she is also on Student 2, her name is Lucie-Marie. I also have a half-brother which is older than me, he works in the trade. I'm not very sporty but I have play many sports like tennis, horse, handball, badminton.. I have draw during six or seven years, so I draw quite well.I love being on holidays because I can going out with my friends and I don't want to go to school next week ! I want to be bilingual because I love travel and when I'm in a foreign country it's the only language everybody know speak.I love watching TV, I watch a film every day, my favourite film is the last song and I also enjoy watch Grey's Anatomy. Later I would like to be a doctor. I hope I will speak with you soon, bye ! 


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