Welcome to Women Learning Tech: Create a Website connected learning experience. Check out the video for more info about what to expect & then introduce yourself.

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I am Rajsri Ram Mohan a technology teacher from India. I teach in a senior secondary ( upto class XII) school in Noida, near Delhi. My students have limited access to the internet, especially the female students who rarely go to the cyber cafes. Slowly but surely the impact of IT is reaching every home in India and I'd like to encourage my students to make the best use of this connected world and explore the possibilities out there.

I am familiar with HTML tags but am yet to try HTML 5. I hope to share whatever knowledge I have and also try to create a website of my own by the end of this course.

Thank you and looking forward to womenlearningtech sessions.

Thank for joining in from India - that is awesome! There is a way to practice website creation without being on the internet. Would it be helpful for me to create a video on techniques for learning HTML & CSS without being connected?


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