Mike deGruy: Hooked by and Octopus

            This Ted Talk, by Mike deGruy was extremely fascinating to me because the ocean, in my eyes, is so mysterious.  The top level has been explored by many, many people.  But, the lower, deeper levels of the ocean have not been seen by us.  In his talk, Mike deGruy first talked about how an experience with an octopus as a child sent him into a life of fascination in marine life.  I think that the reason this Ted Talk inspired me is that Mr. deGruy talked about how over construction in areas that used to be beautiful bays and animal breeding grounds can kill everything.  I think that we, as the population on the world, need to watch how far we develop into the wild.  Our decisions are killing and harming many different species that we won’t realize were even there until they go extinct.  You just don’t know what you have until it is gone.  The major message that I took out of the Ted Talk is that, we need to think about what we want more.  We need to decide if we would rather have a couple hundred more houses, or a breeding ground for a rare species.  It is on us to do the right.


James Randi’s fiery takedown of psychic fraud

            James Randi’s speech started off different.  In fact, it started off more different than any other speech that I have ever seen.  James Randi’s first move was to swallow an entire bottle, all 32 caplets, of sleeping pills.  I couldn’t figure out what the reason for doing this was, but it seemed to put him into a rant.  The speech was about how frauds and fakers in the medicinal world trick people into spending millions of dollars on fake products that don’t work.  He speaks about so called psychics that take advantage of the naïve, needy, grieving people in the world.  Not only does he attack them, but he is very emotional about it.  James Randi sees these people as a cruel farce.  The reason James Randi’s speech intrigued me so much is that I see the reason James Randi is speaking about these phony people.  I agree with him so much.  I have actually waited for someone to address this topic.  James Randi’s speech was special and I think its great that somebody finally put these people in their place.


Thomas Dolby: Love is like a loaded pistol

            Thomas Dolby’s song, Love is like a Loaded Pistol, is about a women named Billy Holiday.  Dolby jokes that when Mrs. Holiday left her physical space, she was with him.  The reason that Dolby’s song connected with me is that the lyrics were telling a story about Dolby and Holiday.  The talk itself was Thomas Dolby singing on the stage and playing the piano.  I would recommend this video to anybody who has a true like for jazz and soft piano music.  It wasn’t my personal favorite genre of music, but I still enjoyed listening to the video.

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