Ok , I'm ready to post my work ... !


I don't know if I'm going to post a real account ... Actually , I'm ready to speak about one of my favorites subjects ... I'm going to talk about the place where I feel good ... So "Welcome in my life "


I'd like to speak about the Alps : the typical fauna and  flora ... I'll talk about the places where I lived and I'll evoque some points of geography ...


The Alps massif 's is located in Europe . It's the nattural lit who separate France , Italy , Switzerland , Germany and Austria . The summit of the Alps is called "Le Mont Blanc" (4810m). The alpine land is exploited for agriculture ... There are a lot of livestock farmin (bovine) to produce cheese . The caw like pasture on mountain pastures ( The grass is rich on flowers and aromatics herbs ) . But , humans use the naturals resources like water to make electricity ... ( Ex : Serre-Ponçon dam's who is the the biggest European reservoir )


The Mont Blanc Valley 's



Serre-Ponçon reservoir's






Now , I'll talk about a place I love ... The Natural reserve " Ecrins park's " (It's located on Pelvoux massif 's and his summit is " La Barre Des Écrins" 4105m )

In this park , we can find a wonderfull diversity of protected species . To conserve it , it's forbidden to pick flowers and hunting too ! of course .It's the 5th park created in france ... ans one of the more visited in Europe ! Climbers , bikers and walkers really love this Park .The Ecrins park's strech on 7 valleys : Briançon valley's , Champsaur valley's , Embrun valley's , Oisans valley's , Valbon valley's , Vallouise valley's and Valgaudemar valley's .

We can find there , fox , owl big duke , chamois , ibex , hare , eagle (royal),buzzard , trout , stoat , viper ...



This is Ecrins park's


Chamois in the snow ...

a royal eagle flying


My favorite flower is the Edelweiss ... It's a real symbol of Alps ! This flower grow from 1 270 m to 3 000 m ... It's a flower protected ... It's use by the Swiss like a symbol of Switzerland ^^ But Edelweiss aren't the only flowers that we can find in Alps ! There are gentians , buttercups , rhododenderons , crocuses , lilys , pines , spruces ; fir trees ... and one of the most famous plant is the Génépi ... Do you know why it's famous ? With this plant we make an alcohol called .... Génépy (original?)this is Génépi ;)



Finally I'll make the connection with my life . I lived 8 years in the Alps , In Briançon . It's the highest european town 1365m. This town was build on the Durance ( a river ) . The town was buid and fortified by Vauban. Now the town provides 10 500 habitants . Briançon is a big touristic station ... during the winter the populations is doubled ! The highest point of The Brianconnais massif 's is "Sirac" 3440 m






" River are walking way ... "

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Many thanks for the lovely photos especailly the royal eagle!

Wow ! It's beautiful ! I've never been in the Alps.. Your article, makes me want ! =P
You know ; i lived 8 years there and my best dream is to live there again ... I wrote this article to make you want to visit it :- )
wow !!!J'aimerais visiter The Alps it's reallly cooool
I wish it to you ;)


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