Week 1- Case 1

The session link, ppt slide shows and activities are now posted in Week 1 of the wiki. They can be found at http://digifoot12.wikispaces.com/Week+1+-+Case+Files

Good luck!

Verena :)

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Thanks :))

I'm slowly but surely starting the process...I just created my PLN in Mighty Bell.

Everyone at their own pace! Good work! Even if you do one thing at a time - and take time to go back later (in like 3 months) you will see a HUGE learning curve...2 Steps forward....It's "All About Me" week!!!

Verena :)

Challenge Activities:  My choice for a common chat area would be edmodo (www.edmodo.com).  I would suggest a community for DigiFoot12 be developed so that each member can join.  The alternative would be to create a group in edmodo, provide the group code to the DigiFoot members, and communicate, communicate, communicate.  Either way would definitely be a common chat area with easy access to it.

So excited! Already created it before the course started, just waiting for someone to suggest it...so I could link it!

www.Edmodo.com  - #DigiFoot12

The code won't come up....let's see if changing the text works...s2u5sd

Verena :)

Just joined this Edmodo group and created a poll for everyone to respond to. I have used Edmodo for the last three years with my 4th graders as our learning management system. We love it!

Hi Verona, I could not find the spot you created in Edmodo. I researched for #digifoot12 and the text you provided as well. Any other tips?

Sorry to be so late.... White Rabbit syndrome + I seem to have mislaid a huge chunk of time somewhere.  I was sure I had signed up for a daily email notice (a welcome and necessary reminder!) but maybe not. 

So just now I created an edmodo account but need help finding the #DigitFoot12 chat space. Both edmodo and student2.0 look like very useful and usable spaces. 

My teachers use Edmodo and with the parents and students. We also have used Edmodo as a communication/collaboration tool with the staff for book studies and reflection. The communities are wonderful resources, as well.

Hello, could it be possible to share a link to illustrate how Edmodo could be used to foster communication? It's a new tool for me never used it before and therefore I am really curious to see how much it can do :))

Asli - Shannon Poulsen and the ESL Team used Edmodo as part of our Online ESL course. We included all our "Flipped Learning" videos as well as extension activities and a way to check in with our students. We used is as a safe, reliables means to communicate "outside" of the classroom. The group code to  of our ESL courses are GlobalEd.ca

A1 group code    j8ipqk
A2 group code    mx59fh
B1 group code    jh4f8d


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