Hello! I'm Detective Roberts. I will be the Head Detective for the course. Please feel free to add your intoduction into this discussion...or follow the other options based on the Case 1 - Scavenger Hunt!



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Hello, Detective Beasley (@wmbeasley) here from Cleveland, Ohio. I’m a college professor who teaches K-12 teachers about the Internet in traditional, web-based, and hybrid/IVDL (interactive video distance learning) classes. I have some experience with social media and PLNs, but am looking for new tools and techniques and resources. I’m making a conscious effort to try out as many of these as I can during the class; I’ve not used WordPress previously, so just created my blog for this class at http://wmbeasleydigifoot12.wordpress.com . This is my first MOOC experience, and I’m really interested in exploring how one sets up, launches, and directs (for lack of a better word) such a large group through an educational experience. So -- Verena, I’m interested in seeing how you do what you do!
Hi, I'm Susan Dornberg and I am looking to learn how to be more collaborative when using social media. I tend to start typing, read what I type, and delete what I've done because I don't think anyone would be interested in what I have to say - so on the scale we saw last night I ama lurker!

HI Toni! I was in Shanghai last December. I work with www.GlobalEd.ca and we work with BC Offshore Schools like Sino Canada. Did you enjoy your Shanghai experience? How is it being home again? Did you miss google while you were away?


Hi all, my name is Sue Bedard and I reside in Florida. I am knowledgeable about many of the tools and connections being shared so far. I am interested in connected with others to see how they use the tools, and how they will be used with students. I am looking forward to the next several weeks. I hope I can keep up!! :)

Hi Sue!

I hoep the fact that you have a base already will guide you towards connecting with others...that's where some of the great learning takes place!

Verena :)

Hi all..... time zones... argh... we are on mid year break and of course I chose not to check my inbox and missed the live session.... ahh well there is always next week... love doing online sessions on the couch :)

a bit about me... I am an eLearning facilitator/leader at a large Melbourne (Australia) multi campus high school - Years 7 - 12 (ages 11 - 18)

I love sharing the tech I find out about, and try to help other teachers use the tech we have to make life easier...I have been involved in social media for a number of years... and I love learning new things...

Hoping I can get a lot out of these sessions, and I can give some back as well...

ahhhh beautiful sunny winter's day....enjoy

Hi Suz!

I would love to hear about what kinds of "instructional design" approaches that you are using for your students. Whiel I love offering open MOOC like courses for all - in the fall, I will be applying a "scaffolded"  approach to integrating connected learning ideas to our Moodle LMS and encouraging our teachers to think about different online teaching options. What LMS do you use, or are you open source? Verena :)

Hi. I'm Digi-Detective Rita from Philadelphia and happy to part of this group. Hope to learn from all the digital sleuths and we become more aware of the impact of digital footprints for myself and students that I teach. 

Hello Digi Detective Rita! Love the name! Welcome to the course!

Verena :)

Hello, everyone!  I am "Detective" Shayne Russell (shayner on Twitter) from southern New Jersey.  I have been a school librarian for 17 years, currently in a middle school teaching grades 5-8.  I have been informed that I will be my school’s “technology teacher” this year, in addition to running the library and all that goes with that full-time job.  Although we hear all the time about how tech-savvy today’s students are, my observation has been that they don’t really know how to do anything useful with technology that will help them succeed in school or later on in life!  I’ve joined this course to expand my own PLN, learn about some new resources, and to mull over ideas to include in the curriculum I’ll need to write this summer.  Although I can’t imagine how I will accomplish everything that’s expected of me next school year, it’s still kind of exciting.  Looking forward to learning with all of you, and especially to connecting with the other librarians in the group.


Sounds like you have a busy year ahead of you. When I heard someone classify "computer skills" s digital, media and technology literacies, it made me even more aware that we all have strengths in "computer skills" - just not necessarily the same ones. Being a great texter or facebooker, does NOT make you a great online researcher. However, it makes you a great a connecting and networking. Thinking about the skills we can all offer to the "ecology" of connected learning will help everyone learn digital, media and technology skills. I think a big part of this will be encouraging our students to lead and guide as well?

Verena :)


Can I view the course that was posted on July 5th? I am in a different time zone and I could not stay awake for the entire presentation. Nothing about your presentation, just a few long days that wiped me out.



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