Hello! I'm Detective Roberts. I will be the Head Detective for the course. Please feel free to add your intoduction into this discussion...or follow the other options based on the Case 1 - Scavenger Hunt!



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G'day Verena,

Just wrote a post and included a voicethread that other participants might like to add to  as well. Is on the same URL as the main eSchool blog above.

Hello, Sue!  I read a few of your recent posts--what an informative blog!  I like the "voice" you use, as well as the layout; may have to consider edublogs if I get a library position and have to start a new one for the facility.

Hi Christine,

Now that I have retired my main blog is the one with the eSchool. I have only ever used Edublogs as that is what I began with back in 2008. But I am an author or editor on a kidblog and wordpress blog as well. I tend to write in pretty basic language as most of my posts are for younger students or teachers new to blogging. I also run a student blogging challenge twice a year.

I've only dabbled in blogging, posting once a month or so on my reading habits. I've been told by friends that I write in my familiar voice, which they like and so I'm glad it comes across that way! I also had to create a website for a grad class; I used Weebly, and found it to be fairly user friendly. I do think it's all about ease of use and practice; once those two things are in place, then creativity can happen!

I just tried to add links to my reply as you did....how did you do that? I even wrote it in Word with hyperlinks then copied and pasted, but the hyperlinks didn't come through....

In this dashboard where you write the reply, the first icon at top is LINK. That is where you hyperlink any sites.

Ah!  I posted originally in IE, and there was no "dashboard".  Now there is one....here's my novice attempt at blogging, begun last year in response to my MLS program.

Hello fellow digifooters,

I'm Becky, and I'm here to learn what I can. I work for a charter school that supports home-schooled students and their parents. I'm helping them put their textbook-based courses into Moodle; I get to teach students, parents, and teachers how to teach and learn online. It's mostly fun, sometimes challenging. 

I'm hoping to learn from all of you here.

Hi Rebecca!

We work with moodle as well. I often find great ideas on http://ceet.ca/ It is a great network of teachers that offer many opportunities to learn with Moodle.(for free!)

Verena :)

I have used moodle for the past 5 years with my middle school students. I think it is a good avenue for my blended classroom as well as a link to social media we use in class

Hi! I am Annie, teaching secondary technology in an international school in China.  I use iSafe material for students, and it's expensive, but quite good curriculum.  I hope I could learn many more from this event.  Thank you, Verena!

Hi Annie! As I mentioned in a different reply...I work with student at Sino Canada and other BC Offshore Schools in China. I am curious to hear how you integrated many of these social media tools in China - as we had problems with even basic blogs this year. www.Edmodo.com was a great help though!

Verena :)


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