Hello! I'm Detective Roberts. I will be the Head Detective for the course. Please feel free to add your intoduction into this discussion...or follow the other options based on the Case 1 - Scavenger Hunt!



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Hello Verena,  I am interested in learning more about digital footprints but have limited experience with this type of learning.  I am also interested in how this type of learning takes place and how to proceed from here.

Hi Karen,

Did you make it to the discussion tonight? How did it go? This way of learning is VERY outside the box, so please reach out if I can help in any way! This week please remember..."It's all about me!" (Not me, but you...you know what I mean). Consider making a blog or "digital artifact" to start your PLN and you have already done the Introduction!

Shannon Poulsen is a great person to talk to about learning this way as well.

Verena :)

I am looking forward to the project...but I seem to have problems getting into the course this evening.  Looking to have fun with this and learn a lot to help my students understand their cyber-world.

Hi Thomas,

Did you manage to make it into the course? Please tell me, in as many details as possible, if you didn't get in. I can answer questions directly if you still have them - DigiFootRoberts@gmail.com

Hi All - I'm Tammy from Verona, WI.  I teach high school Business Ed.  I am super excited for this opportunity and I hope to incorporate what I learn into the classes I teach.  Thanks so much!

Hi Tammy - We have a strong Business Ed program with www.GlobalEd.ca. What kinds of courses do you teach? We just finished Marketing 12, Acct 11 and 12 and we were working on an Entrepreneurship course.

I teach a Personal Finance course and a variety of technology-based courses including Desktop Publishing, Mac Applications, and one focused on Web 2.0 tools.  I recently earned my online teaching certification and have been using Moodle, however, our district is just putting their toes in the water when it comes to blended and flipped learning.  I checked out the link you provided, thanks for sharing it. It is so interesting to see the options students have - overwhelming, too.

Hello!  I'm Chris, and I must be a junkie for online learning, as I just graduated from an online master's program in library science less than two months ago....But I'm always up for learning more, especially when it comes to the digital stuff!  I'm currently employed as a special education teacher, so I'm hoping to learn how to use digital footprinting and social media to a greater extent in my classroom as well as future library.

Hi Christine!

You will love week 4 then! In fact, you should consider chatting with Tracy before the week if you like. No wonder you were in diigo already! Maybe it's just good hanging out with like minded people?

Diigo was just a random coincidence; I've actually got a much larger delicious account, as it was a MLS assignment.  I was helping a friend with a social bookmarking assignment for her grad school course 2 wks ago, and they had to use diigo, so I created an account to explore.  It's almost too many bells and whistles for me!  If I taught upper grades, I think it could be very useful, but since I teach elementary sped, I don't see myself transferring my bookmark stash anytime soon! 

G'day, I am a retired teacher from Tasmania, Australia. Known as tasteach on the internet, I am still teaching one day a week at the Tasmanian eSchool. I work with teachers and students creating class blogs and knowing about a digital footprint is very important.

Link to our main eSchoolblog.

Hi Sue! WOW what a website! Your students are doing some amazing work! Would you consider making a voicethread about why social media is important or learning about Digital Footprints so I can put it up in Week 5? Would any of your students like to speak about their work in Week 5 in the Blackboard Room? Would they consider creating a #DigiFoot12 Project to help us learn? All I can say is...I wish I could go to your school....Do you have videoconferencing equipment? A teacher in Kamloops, BC is looking for people to videoconference with. Thank you for joining!


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