Hello! I'm Detective Roberts. I will be the Head Detective for the course. Please feel free to add your intoduction into this discussion...or follow the other options based on the Case 1 - Scavenger Hunt!



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Have you found the MOOC information yet in the last page link on the coursesites?

Love this one: http://moocguide.wikispaces.com/0.+Home+Intro+to+MOOC

I'm Deborah from Fairfax, VA.   I am currently a special education teacher who has taken some online technology courses and is very interested in the impact of the digital footprint on education.

I am looking forward to learning more in this course.  Someday I hope to become a technology integration specialist or work in social media for an educational company.

Hi, Deborah!  I am currently employed as a sped teacher as well, at the elementary level (though hoping for a librarian position soon).  What level do you teach?  I'm always frustrated by the lack of time I have to incorporate more technology in my resource room; do you find that to be a problem as well?

Hi Deborah!

Did you make it into the course in the end? It is so hard to keep track of everyone....Thank you for your patience!


I am joining the course from the University of Guelph, Canada after reading a great article on Virtual Learning Networks by Kevin Stranack in The Partnership Journal. I am an academic librarian and I work on open access to agricultural information in Ontario and in Tanzania.

Tell me more about Open Access to Agricultural information? What does that mean? How interesting.

Hi, summer sleuths! As a high school librarian in Annandale, NJ, I help guide students, staff, and parents toward greater digital fluency and information literacy. I'll be looking for good tips, creative ideas, and useful tools. Maybe I'll offer a few, too. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Looking forward to all that you can share with us! It's great that so many people are joining us in the summer :)

I am Sharla from West Texas. I look forward to learning and participating in this course. There is so much to learn and pass on to others in my district.

So glad to hear that you will pass on knowledge to others....:)

Excited to join... especially since I'll be teaching an 'Applications of Digital Literacy' course at http://InquiryHub.org in September and plan to offer the course online as well. Great connecting with you Verena and I'm sure there will be some fantastic learning ahead!


Great to see you David. Please feel free to lead us all over the place! Thanks for joining - I'm sure that I can learn a lot from you as well!

Verena :)


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