Who has used evernote or livebinder?

I have used blogger and wordpress and thought I would try something different.

Choice?  Why?

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Maureen, I have used both LiveBinders and Evernote. I truly like both of them. I use them differently, though. I really like the "easability" of Evernote and how convenient it is for personal productivity. I make audio recordings of thoughts on the go, take notes, make lists, and use it as a bookmarking tool. I can access my information on any computer or device. LiveBinder is a wonderful tool for organizing around a particular topic or discussion. I use LiveBinders with my ELA admin to organize all her department websites, TEKS, and general information. I also will (often) search LiveBinders for particular sites/resources before going to Google because educators have done such a wonderful job of organizing, researching, and creating binders. Why spend the time researching what has already been assembled? (Of course always giving credit where credit is due.) Both are wonderful resources and worth looking at. The only aspect of LiveBinders that I have found hindering at times is that when creating a LiveBinder, I cannot create subtabs under my initial subtabs. You can insert a Binder into a Binder, though.

I just discovered evernote on my phone. Love it for organizing things also but haven't explored all the possibilities yet.

I use Tumblr. I "tumbld" on it because someone from my high school alma mater created it. Also, it's a visually oriented blog space and I am an art educator so...

Nevertheless, I am experimenting with it for my investigations. I just added disqus to my page for people to be able to comment without having to join which is good.

I have created a notebook in Evernote for #digifoot12 and made it a shared notebook. I decided to go this route because I have had an Evernote account for years but don't feel I use it to its fullest potential. I like how I can add links, photos, voice recordings and more to Evernote and have it sync across my devices. 


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