I wasn't sure where we were to post information about the blogs/plns we are creating, so I decided to start a thread where you might want to post your information.

I have just created my first blog and will be interested to see how and where this will go. What is the saying? "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" Well here is my first venture into the world of blogging, please join me at http://techplicity.blogspot.com/.

I am looking forward to reading and participating in your blogs.

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Thanks Margaret!

I think this step has proven to be the most confusing for people thus far....My fault. Thank you for creating this Discussion as others will follow...

There is so much...I apologize for the confusion...

Please also consider putting your blog site on the course wiki - Tracking your footprint page:


Or DIRECTLY add your blog onto this#DigiFoot12 blog google.doc list please

and I can add them all to the Netvibe class list.

Verena :)

I like the name... neither simplicity nor complexity but techplicity... perhaps a touch of complicity for the sharing...accomplices in technologies

I have a number of blogs but use (not often enough) Computers, Language, Writing for online courses (first the Electronic Village Online workshops and now moocs). http://computerslanguagewriting.blogspot.com/

Others are community, advocacy, special interests and one is a self-paced online ESL Study Group


A Learning Revolution Project

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