I'm kat patterson from California.  At this point in time we are an International Bacculaurate school.  District politics are changing that.  I have been in the library now for 11 years.  Wow, where has the time gone?  I've printed up a page to be put in teachers' handbooks this year that list some topics I'd like to work with the students and teachers.  When I get back to school I'll upload a copy of it to this page, if I can. It starts with basic computer knowledge, note taking, bibliography, thesis statement, and so on.  We'll see how it works, soon. 

I go back to work next week, other faculty the following week, and students on the 20th of August.  When did we stop starting school the day after Labor Day?


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I remember those days....I don't know when we lost them..................

Hey Kat!  Love to see your page that's going in the Teacher's Handbooks.  Why is the politics of the district changing from an IB school?  That's really intriguing. 

I'm Kathleen, by the way.  Twenty-one years as a teacher-librarian. Currently at a 5-6 grade school on an island near Seattle, Washington.

Hi, Kat!

I'm a librarian-wannabe with a brand-new MLS and certificate, currently working as a sped teacher at an IB-PYP campus here in Austin, TX.  How do you think IB has changed your role as a librarian, if at all?


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