What is Your Creation/Consumption Quotient? The Power of Learning By Doing

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Dr. Bernard Bull, Assistant Vice President of Academics & Associate Professor of Educational Design & Technology

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Concordia University Wisconsin

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Wisconsin, USA (Central Standard Time)

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Anyone who is interested in exploring the possibility of learning through making, creating, and designing. 

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Explore the power of living and learning through making creating, and designing.

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Some young people spend hours playing games, while others both play and design their own games.  Some play with their favorite Barbie or American Girl Dolls.  Others enjoy such dolls, but they also create their own paper and yarn dolls.  Some read and learn from textbooks, while others reference books and other resources as they try to solve real-world problems or get lost in an interesting project. Some buy toy robots at the local toy store, while others tinker with parts and try to build their own robots. Many people enjoy watching movies and playing games on their iPad. Others enjoy a good game or movie, but they also experience the joy of using their iPad to create short videos, design stop motion films, create comics, or design fictional magazine covers.  These contrasts represent the difference between consumer and producer.  For most of us, we spend time doing a bit of both. How about when it comes to learning environments? In this session we will explore the benefit of learning experiences with a high producer/creator quotient.  We will examine a number of practical ways that young people are learning through making, creating, and designing.

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This looks great.  So glad you're doing it!

Very important to work with heart and hands and not just mind. Creativity is needed more now than ever before, and is facing a real crisis because of what children's lives have become due to school.


A Learning Revolution Project

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