Here you can not only share your favorite TEDTalks, but also inspire others to watch and be inspired! Simply post the URL of the TEDTalk along with a brief description and/or reason why you like it, and watch how inspiration can spread!

***make sure to post the web address so others can watch it too!!

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My Favorite tedtalk is Jamie Olivers. I appreciate his passion for good food. And everyone having access to good food.
wow i just watched one of his and that's incredible----and delicious :)
My favorite TEDTalk was "How Benjamin Button got his face" by Ed Ulbrich because the movie type area really interests me and he was sop into what he was talking about, it made me really listen. I also really liked "Could Saturn Moon harbor life?" by Carolyn Poros because she was very passionate about it the whole time, plus I really like science and astronomy.
haha wow the 'could saturn moon harbor life' and that is so so so so so cool!! wow i agree :)
My Favorite Ted talk was dennis hong's seven species of robots. A cool topic because it's all about using other peoples ideas to inspire others to make stuff. I thought this was cool because we talk about stuff like that every day in class.


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