Travel as an alternative form of Education – Life Learning on the Road


Travel as an alternative form of Education – Life Learning on the Road

Your Name and Title: 
Lainie Liberti, Parent, Life-Learner & World Traveler

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Co-Presenter Name(s):

Miro Siegel, 14 yr. Life-Learner & World Traveler

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:

Cusco, Peru

Language in Which You Will Present:


Target Audience(s):

Homeschool and Unschool Parents & Students, Life -Learners

Short Session Description:

Long-term travel is a valid alternative form of education.  

Full Session Description:

The session will be a presentation by mother and son team, Lainie and Miro whom together, have been traveling and learning  naturally for four consecutive years on the road. They share with you through their trial and error what keeps them engaged, learning naturally and committed as a supportive team. In their case, natural learning (or unschooling) partners with the surrounding environment, as the world has transformed into a classroom with infinite possibilities.

Lainie and Miro share real-world examples including strategies to keep children / teens engaged, suggestions on how to integrate long-term travel as part of the educational plan, and open up the session for Q & A. 

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Love it.  We just took our 15 year old daughter on a 5 month trip around the world.  Four years!  Do you know Carrie Wagner?  Can't wait to learn more.

Hi Steve,

We don't know the Wagners, but I have bookmarked the site now. Thanks for the referral! We just started on our 5th year and we have no end in sight. As a family, I bet the  learning and bonding you experienced in the four months you traveled tops most other experiences you'll ever have! You know how powerful traveling can be.

I look forward to connecting with you during our session.

Lainie + Miro 

Can't wait to hear about your experiences! Will you talk about Project Unschool peru?? What a great event coming up in November!!! :) 

Can't WAIT!


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