Hello , i want to speak about your stréréotypes . I have many stéréotypes but i don't think that it is right.


My first idea is that the black people live in the ghetto ( Brooklyn , The Bronx , ..... ) . My opinion is that the african people of USA are ganster but with the election of Barack Obama , the picture of the black change .


My secondly idea is the obesity in fact many young are obese because in the USA , there are a lots of junk food and fast food ( mc Donald , KFC , ... ) And in the television , the journalist show the young when they swallow a enormous humberger .

 My thirdly stéréotypes is that the American are not concerned by the global warning . In fact , they buy a big car witch consume a lot of gasoline and emit greenhouse gazes . An d the american is the first industrial power of the world so the American is the most responsible of the global warning.

Finally , i think that the american want to enforce the law by using their , in fact they have a gun and a lot of people want to live in gated communties in order to be protect againt the ganster .


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okk some of them are right some are not .For the first one not all black people are gansters or live in the guetto thats about 25% of the population and yes obama change the image of AA(Africains Americains) because he was the first black president. But those streets they dont have anything to do with the guetto.

The second one is true about 60% of the population ar obese and the governement is triyig to help by cuting of the vanding machines at school and to give healthier food to the kids at school and the teachers are not allowed to give kandy to the kids but some parents disagree with that.


the third one i say its true so you are tottally right with that.

and finale one is a no bcause the goverment protect everybady

thanks for your reply . I am happy to learn a new informatioon about the American .

:) happy to help

I agree with Vanessa:)
Thanks for agreeing :)
Excuse me... But not all African Americans live in the ghetto..I have a Black dad and he is the best dad ever... We have an amazing house and we live in an amazing neighborhood..They do not all have guns either... Very few in fact. And we are not all fat... Most of us are very healthy.... And we are concerned with Global Warming... We care very much... Thank You..

i know that.that is why i replied to this one


ami please dont be like that be polite to aour fellow french students


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