Firsly, a typical stereotypes of the Americans : the obesity.

It's true that the majority of Americans are big. This stereotypes implies that they eat all the time to Mc Donalds (Quick or others fast food) and that they eat that hamburgers and chips.


Secondly, there are the blacks Americans and the Amercans strangers. We have an image of them of gangsters, thieves, delinquents... who often live in districts at risks where they can live according to their laws and particular customs in the middle of the other foreign people but where it's dangerous : "les guettos".


Thirdly, the Americans believe in Gods a lot with a lot of to differences: christians, protestants, Roman catholics, orthodoxes, muslims...

The theme of the religions is indispensable to the understanding of the United States.

The American society grants a place important for the religion and for the spirituality: for example, we can find in almost every hotel room a Bible.


Finally, the America is a continent very rich. The Americans love the money and they show him:for example, the big buildings, the beautiful districts, the cars, the technological headway...


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