• Hello, I am going to present to you the French life style. Every week, we have approximately 33 hours at school . We begin at 8.30 am the first hour of the courses and we finish at 5.30 pm.We have 4 hours  of mathematics, 4 hours of French,3 hours of English  2 more hours of European English(European option), 3 hours of Spanish, 4 hours of history, geography, 2hours of sports and 4 hours and a half of biology and three hours of educations of exploration(optional subjects).


After, I have leisure activities on Wednesday,Friday and Saturday because I play football for my town Neufchâtel-en-Bray. Every friday, I practice sport with my class and every term we change sport for example: volley-ball, handball, badmington...


In France, there isn'nt a lot of sport but too hours in class )= 


We have many symbols and traditions in France like the Eiffel Tower,  the Gallic cockrell (symbol of France, Gaule), the cheese, the bread as the "Baguette", churches, the wine , champagne...


In Normandy, there are particulary landscape with cows, "bocage", a cider, an apple,"Calvados" and rain =)!!


Different touristic places: the "pont du gard", the "mont St michel"...


I hope you've understand what I say .




The church of Neufchâtel-en-Bray.The cider and a apple.


The cheese of Neufchâtel-en-Bray.   The "baguette" is a bread.  The Eiffel tower.

The "pont du Gard".   The "champagne".    The red wine.    The Gallic cockrell



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