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Suki Wessling

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California, US

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Parents, especially homeschooling mothers

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Though to the casual observer homeschooling and feminism seem like they would be mutually exclusive, feminists homeschooling their children view their homeschooling as consistent with feminist principles.

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In this session, we'll tackle the tough question of how we can continue to be feminists while doing something that looks fundamentally old-fashioned: staying home with the kids. We'll discuss how feminism has evolved from the relatively straightforward years of suffrage to the modern world in which different people have very different views of what feminism is. We will explore how feminism and homeschooling at times seem diametrically opposed, and how we deal with this opposition in our daily lives. Then we'll talk about how homeschooling allows us to raise feminist children and make unusual choices for ourselves and our families. We'll also discuss how homeschooling can drain our sense of self unless we work hard to maintain our identities separate from our homeschooling lives.

Parents of all genders are welcome. Participants should be aware that the point of this session is not to debate the validity of feminism itself, but to allow parents who consider themselves feminists to tackle the tough issues we face as homeschoolers. 

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Hi Suki, How do you define feminism? David

I like to keep it wide open and just say that feminism is awareness of our cultural biases having to do with gender, and an active attempt to get past them. I don't think that there's any reason to narrow it down more than that, given that people who call themselves feminists come in all different shapes, sizes, and political persuasions.

I think that's a great definition of femininsm actually and is perfectly suited to homeschooling.

Thanks - I had a really great discussion at an IRL homeschooling conference on this topic. The people there had great input about how feminism informed their homeschooling and how great it was for their kids not to be raised with the strong gender role enforcement that you get in schools.

I love your definition, Suki, and look forward to your presentation.


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