The Christian Education Mandate: Equipping Kingdom Kids to Impact the World for Christ

Your Name and Title:  Althea Penn, M.Ed.Adm., NAC, PDS, Educational Consultant

Organization or School Name:  Penn Consulting

Area of the World from Which You Will Present:  United States

Language in Which You Will Present:  English

Target Audience(s):  Faith based educators

Short Session Description (one line):  The Christian Education Mandate challenges home educators to intentionally cultivate spiritual formation, faith development, and academic achievement through Christian education.

Full Session Description (as long as you would like):  The Christian Education Mandate:  Equipping Kingdom Kids to Impact the World for Christ

The purpose of Christian education is to evangelize and disciple students through the transformation of the learner and equipping of believers to impact the world for Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19, 20; Ephesians 4:11-12) The gospel of Jesus Christ and the biblical integration of the principles of the kingdom are preeminent in Christian teaching and learning objectives. She shares practical instructional strategies that promote the development of Christian character, as well as God given gifts and talents within each child.

At the conclusion of the webinar the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify common reasons for homeschooling
  2. Recognize purposes and outcomes of Christian education
  3. Define faith development
  4. Discuss faith development components
  5. Implement instructional strategies that promote faith development
  6. Analyze the impact of faith development upon other domains
  7. Compare Christian Bible based education to other philosophies

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Hi, Althea.  Thanks for submitting.  Please just make sure your presentation is not a commercial pitch for your consulting.  Thanks!


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