Hello today I want to speak about the stereotypes.

   Firstly I will talk about stereotypes about Hispanic. For a lot of people in France many of hispanics people are in a gang and have guns ! Moreover many people think " The hispanics people are very dangerous men and many of them are dealers  ! " or " These are violent people with guns or knives !"

 Secondly: The white anglo saxon protestant in North Carolina, South Carolina and Louisiana are racists people but I think there are racists people and respectable people like everywhere. One another stereotype is that the Americans consume a lot of energies ( gasoline, electricity, gas...) and they emit a lot of greenhouse gazes. They have a big cars like Hummers,big 4x4 or expensive motorcycles like the Harley Davidson ! For many people the US army is the most experienced and skilled in the world but it's also one of the most violent army.

 Lastly about the Afro American. They love listenning to music like RnB, Rap. For a typical French they have all guns and they are violent. Sometimes it's very amazing when a typical French speak about the American for exemple they have all a gun, a knife they sale drugs, they are violent people or they eat everyday in a fast food !

 I think movies about the United-States influence this thoughs but for me there are bad people and respectable people like everywhere !




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